Mountbellew Mart, Co Galway, recorded a brisk trade for all categories of sheep on Saturday last.

Several batches of fleshed lambs weighing from 50kg to 55kg sold for €175 each, with a top price of €178 for 52.8kg Texel-cross lambs.

A selection of lambs weighing 48kg to 49kg sold from €168 to €172, while lambs weighing 44kg to 46kg sold on average from €158 to €168.

Lighter lots weighing 40kg to 41kg sold from €145 to €155, depending on quality, with a couple of batches of store lambs weighing around 39kg selling from €127 to €130.

Small hogget entries

Hogget entries are small, but demand is good, with heavy hoggets selling from €156 to €170 in the main. Light Scottish Blackface hoggets weighing 35kg averaged around the €100 mark.

The cull ewe trade was solid. Ten batches of ewes weighing from 100kg to 120kg sold from €200 to €231, with almost 20 more lots weighing from 88kg to 100kg selling from €170 to €199.

Fleshed ewes weighing around the 80kg mark sold from €150 to €160, while ewes weighing 70kg to 79kg sold from €130 to €150.

There is still strong demand for ewes with lambs, with lots of fancy prices recorded, including a standout of €382 for a first-crop Suffolk-cross ewe with twin lambs at foot.

Similar-quality single-lamb units sold from €250 to €300 for hogget and first-crop ewes.

In pictures

Seven Texel-cross lambs weighing 44.5kg on left sold for €163 (€3.66/kg). Six Texel-crosses on right weighing 41kg sold for €145 (€3.54/kg).

These top-quality Texel-cross lambs weighing 52.3kg topped lamb prices at €178 each (€3.40/kg).

This batch of Suffolk ewe hoggets weighing 50.8kg sold for €180 (€3.54/kg).

This batch of good-quality ewes weighing 80kg sold for €160 (€2.00/kg).

Five Suffolk-cross ewes on left weighing 107kg sold for €208 (€1.94/kg). Five Suffolk-crosses on right weighing 84kg sold for €176 (€2.10/kg).

Six fleshed Suffolk ewes on left weighing 81kg sold for €172 (€2.12/kg).

This pen of Suffolk cull ewes weighing 99kg sold for €192 (€1.94/kg).

This batch of crossbred ewes weighing 80kg sold for €150 (€1.88/kg).

Five large-framed crossbred ewes weighing 102kg sold for €192 (€1.88/kg).

These two crossbred ewe hoggets weighing 58kg sold for €168 (€2.90/kg).

This batch of Charollais-cross lambs weighing 52.3kg sold for €175 each (€3.35/kg).

The 12 lambs on left weighing 44.5kg sold for €160 (€3.60/kg). Five lambs weighing 45.5kg sold for €160 (€3.52/kg).

This batch of 20 Suffolk-cross store lambs weighing 39kg sold for €130 (€3.33/kg).

The 12 Charollais-cross lambs on left weighing 42.5kg sold for €150 (€3.53/kg). Five Texel-cross lambs on right weighing 49kg sold for €172 (€3.51/kg).

The 15 Suffolk and Texel-cross lambs on left weighing 44.5kg sold for €160 (€3.60/kg). Three 55.5kg Charollais-cross lambs on right sold for €175 (€3.15/kg).