Elphin Mart sold 670 heifers at last Wednesday’s spring show and sale. This sale gives a great gauge of the spring trade with a number of big feeders in attendance.

Trade was brisk, with a big northern demand for heifers for further feeding. Breeding heifers were also in big demand, with a couple of specialist in-calf operators very active at the sale.

This May 2019-born Charolais heifer weighed 640kg and sold for €2,340 (€3.65/kg).

Top-quality Charolais and Limousin heifers in the 400kg to 500kg bracket were making between €2.50/kg and €2.70/kg, with a number of higher prices being paid for select breeding heifers.

These pair of March and April 2019-born Limousin heifers weighed 665kg and sold for €1,920 (€2.88/kg).

The general run of heavier heifers in the 500kg to 600kg bracket was around the €2.40/kg to €2.60/kg mark, with quality heifers hitting the higher prices.

This May 2019-born Charolais heifer weighed 565kg and sold for €1,720 (€3.04/kg).

Top call

Top call of the day went to a January 2019-born Limousin heifer weighing 750kg, which was sold for breeding at €4,520.

Elphin mart chair Pat Dockery said: “We had a huge northern demand, with a number of very good customers very active on the day.

This April 2019-born Belgian Blue heifer weighed 630kg and sold for €2,680 (€4.25/kg).

“Over half of the heifers went for export to NI. The stronger beef price in NI means they can go a little further when they are bidding.

“It’s a really important trade for the west of Ireland and it’s important everything is done to protect it and grow it if we can.”

This February 2018-born Charolais heifer weighed 850kg and sold for €2,160 (€2.54/kg).