46% rise in calf-rearing costs since 2021
Declan Marren
Calf rearing was once seen as a low-cost system to establish on farm but with rising input costs farmers need to carefully plan purchases this spring.
24 January 2023 Management
Feeding cows in the evening to delay calving at night
Some farmers find feeding cows late in the evening cuts down on the number of cows calving through the night.
24 January 2023 Buildings
TikTok farm hacks: ‘Limond’ conveyor belt silage feeder
The farmer has created a homemade conveyor belt to feed cows with a diet feeder in a passage less than 2m wide.
Five tips to prepare cows for spring calving
In the final weeks before calving gets under way, there a few jobs that will help prepare cows for calving this spring.
14 January 2023 Management
Sheep Management: dealing with challenging weather and finishing lambs
With current weather very hard on sheep it is critical that feed supplies are assessed and supplementary feed is introduced before body condition is compromised.
11 January 2023 Management
This week in photos – tractor runs, feeding and more
Our top photos from the past week include a woman who left her position in nursing to work full time on the farm, silage being fed to dairy cows, a 700-plus strong tractor run and EEC anniversary.
8 January 2023 News
How to measure what silage is left
Aidan Brennan goes through the steps involved in measuring silage pits and assessing how much will be eaten between now and turnout.
2 January 2023 Management
Five tips to getting a break from the farm at Christmas
Taking some time out from the daily farming routine is important for farmers over Christmas.
20 December 2022 Management
Farmer Writes: December stresses out of the way
With his annual herd test out of the way, James Strain is hopefully now on the wind down to Christmas.
20 December 2022 Farmer Writes
Frost causing big problems on dairy farms
Severe frost is causing major headaches on dairy farms this weekend. Aidan Brennan has some advice.
11 December 2022 Management
Agromek 2022: Bobman unveils Cobra milk cart
The new Cobra features a base vehicle made by Bobman coupled with a stainless-steel tank from JH Agro, both Danish manufacturers.
7 December 2022 Farm machinery
NI Sheep Programme: Tune in to winter feeding webinar
The NI Sheep programme will hold a winter feeding webinar on Thursday 15 December starting at 7.30pm.
7 December 2022 Management