Thrive: meal feeding to calves at grass – feed on or cut it out?
Declan Marren
It has been a topic of much debate between the Thrive farmers over the last few years – to feed meal for the first grazing season or not? Now with higher meal prices, has the opinion changed?
27 April 2022 Management
Thrive: stamping out navel sucking before it becomes a real problem
Navel sucking can be a real problem in the calf rearing shed if calves are allowed to develop the habit. Early intervention is key to preventing it.
18 April 2022 Management
Dairy management: heavy rain upsets milk flow
Very heavy rain on Easter Sunday was the first really bad day of weather in a number of weeks, writes Aidan Brennan.
Happy with this year's dairy-beef calves thrive
It will be October or November 2023 before the calf-beef operation sees what returns after left after costs are considered, writes farmer Kieran Sullivan.
13 April 2022 News
Biostimulants improving nitrogen-use efficiency
“Biological farming is already showing very decent reductions of chemical nitrogen usage on Irish dairy farms.”
13 April 2022 News
This week in photos: feeding hill sheep and clover farm walks
Our top photos from the past week include hill sheep farming before lambing, clover farm walks, feeding ewes, planting potatoes and one of the farms affected by a proposed Limerick to Cork motorway.
10 April 2022 News
Sheep Management: artificial rearing of lambs and poor grass growth
The economics of rearing orphan or pet lambs will be under pressure this season given the escalation in concentrate costs and significant rise in the cost of milk replacer.
6 April 2022 Management
Thrive weekly roundup: 133 calves on farm and keeping feeding equipment clean
The weekly roundup has an update from the demo farm, where nearly all this year's calves have arrived and we look at a feeder cleaning protocol to minimise disease risk.
2 April 2022 Management
Feed price increases – warranted or not?
Retail feed prices that farmers are paying seem to be going up and up - is it justified and will it continue?
30 March 2022 News
What will it cost to make silage this year?
Teagasc experts Peter Doyle, Tomás Tubritt, Nicky Byrne, Michael O’Donovan and Paul Crosson look at the cost of producing home grown feeds on Irish farms with higher input prices.
30 March 2022 Grass & feeding
Grass+: great weather for grazing
Ideal weather conditions means cows and cattle are back out grazing, writes Aidan Brennan.
23 March 2022 Grass & feeding
Dairy management: grass growth set to take off
Much milder temperatures are on the way, which should lead to a big increase in grass growth, writes Aidan Brennan.
21 March 2022 Management