The Brockagh Perth Blackface Sheepbreeders Association held its annual female replacement sale in Brockagh Mart, Co Donegal, on Friday 10 September.

There was an entry of in excess of 450 head from the 30-member group. The majority of sheep on offer were split between ewe hoggets and ewe lambs, with a small selection of mature ewes.

These three nice-quality ewe lambs sold for €110 each.

The trade for ewe hoggets followed the general trend seen in breeding sales nationwide, whereby producers had expectations of higher prices based on the strong trade earlier in the year.

The trade was still positive, with hoggets meeting keen demand from local farmers combined with general interest.

This pair of good-quality ewe lambs sold for €142 each.

The typical run of prices for general-quality hoggets on offer ranged from €140 to €200 per head. Show-type hoggets, some of which were presented in pairs or individually, sold from €200 to €400, while the show champion sold for €850.

These top-quality ewe hoggets sold for €400 each.

Ewe lambs met a brisk trade, with prices ranging on average from €80 upwards for lighter lambs to €130 to €140 for stronger ewe lambs. Again, a selection of show-type and top-quality ewe lambs exceeded this range, with the top ewe lamb on the night selling for €920.

The mature ewes consisted mainly of second- to fourth-crop ewes of good quality, with prices from €80 to €100.

Other lots

The show champion was this top-quality hoggett which sold for €850.

This pen of five hoggets sold for €190 each.

These five smaller-framed ewe hoggets sold for €140 each.

This batch of five ewe hoggets sold for €142 each.

These four-year-old ewes sold for €80 each.

This pen of five ewe hoggets sold for €155 each.

These two- and three-year-old ewes sold for €85 each.

These prize-wining ewe hoggets sold for €220 each.

This pair of top-quality hoggets sold for €300 each.