Tuam Mart’s general sheep sale on Tuesday evening included an entry of 1,220 lambs, cull ewes and hoggets.

The highlight of the sale was a brisk trade for ewe lambs with breeding potential and the continued strong demand for cull ewes.


Manager Marian Devane said that lamb presentation and quality had a big say on demand and prices paid for ewe lambs.

These strong Suffolk ewe hoggets sold for €202.

Several lots of top-quality ewe lambs exceeded €3/kg, with top price recorded at €165 for Suffolk-cross ewe lambs weighing 54.5kg.

Demand for slaughter-fit lambs was also solid, with lambs weighing 46kg to 50kg trading from the mid-€120s to €132 or from €2.65/kg to €2.90/kg.

This pen of medium-sized second- and third-crop ewes sold for €156.

The offering of hoggets was relatively small, with farmers said to be holding out for the annual show and sale on 24 August. Hoggets sold in the main from €160 to €202, while breeding ewes sold from €145 to €170.

Cull ewes sold from €150 to €185 in general for heavy ewes and a top of €208 for large-framed ewes weighing 94.5kg. Medium weight and good-quality feeding ewes sold from €100 to €130.

Other lots

This pen of nice-quality speckle-headed lambs weighing 48.7kg sold for €154.

This pen of Texel-cross ewe lambs weighing 47.5kg sold for €135.

This batch of lighter mature breeding ewes sold for €145.