The From Foal to Race TY programme was established in 2022 by Agri Aware and equuip, Horse Racing Ireland’s education and training division.

Taking home this year’s top prize of €1,000 for her school Athlone Community College in Co Westmeath was Martina Agulló González.

The award was presented to Martina during a behind-the-scenes trip to Roscommon Racecourse with her class on 20 May.

As English is not Martina’s first language, she expressed her knowledge gained from the educational programme through a piece of artwork.

Speaking at the prizegiving ceremony, Agri Aware executive director Marcus O’Halloran acknowledged the educational impact of the programme.


“The From Foal to Race programmes gives great opportunities for students to learn all about the horse racing industry here in Ireland and the journey of the thoroughbred horse from a foal to competing on the racecourse whilst giving students the opportunity to express what they learned in many different forms such as Martina’s artwork,” he says.

Over 4,400 students across 18 schools took part in this year’s programme. Martina’s teacher Meghan Murphy commended the informative module that offered her students a unique insight into the world of horse racing.

“This programme has not only deepened our understanding of horse racing but also ignited a passion for the sport among the students.

"We look forward to participating in this competition again in the future and are excited about the new opportunities it will bring,” says Megan.

She was thrilled to see Martina win the competition with her beautiful drawing, which Megan says was a "testament to her creativity and dedication".

Programme structure

The From Foal to Race programme offered by Agri Aware and equuip gives TY students a comprehensive overview of the horse racing industry, with a strong focus on increasing awareness of the careers that feature throughout the foal to race story.

Throughout the 12-week programme, both teachers and students gain insights into the horse racing industry, including the role of stud farms, animal welfare and other regulations of the industry.

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