Centenary Thurles Co-op has advised that farmers should now carry cover for up to €18,000 in the case of milk having to be discarded.

The co-op said that this recommendation comes on the back of increased milk prices in recent times.

“Due to the welcome recent milk price increases, the financial risk of a load of milk having to be discarded due to antibiotics or high TBC has also increased.

“We recommend that insurance policies now carry cover for up to €18,000, in such an eventuality,” the co-op said.

Mark Bourke from Centenary Thurles Co-op said the a load of milk is nearly double the price this year compared to last year.

Last year he said the load may cost €9,000 whereas this year it is up near €18,000 given the increase in milk price.

We are just giving an indication of where the cover needs to be.

“That’s the value of a load of milk, compared to where milk was at 31c/l or 32c/l last year; it’s 50c/l now, plus solids it’s nearing the 60c/l mark and it could stay rising.”