The Climate Action Bill was rammed through without proper scrutiny, devoid of changes and refusal to take on board any of the concerns of rural residents and farmers, according to the Rural Independent Group.

Speaking after the debate, Cork TD Michael Collins said he was shocked the bill had been passed, claiming that opposition amendments had not been considered.

“Those backbench TDs have turned their backs on their constituents, on rural Ireland and on family farms," he said.

Increased costs

"Their actions mean a vote for increased costs on all consumer goods, much more expensive electric bills, culling the cow herd, ending turf cutting and the end of rural one-off housing,” Collins said.

“With no just transition, protections for agriculture or jobs, or a ‘bottom-up’ people-centred process surrounding this legislation, it is abundantly clear that the Government are only interested in protecting multi-national corporations and the super-rich, while burdening ordinary people in every community across Ireland.”


The Rural Independents branded the bill as ‘a complete sell-out’ by the Government of the domestic economy, rural communities and the public.

“Rural people now face the ending of rural one-off housing and of traditional turf cutting under this legislation, despite Ireland having a major housing crisis and becoming increasingly dependent on peat briquettes being imported from eastern Europe.”