Clover-safe sprays such as Clovermax and DB Plus have been approved for an emergency use authorisation (EUA) by the Department of Agriculture.

This EUA authorises use of CloverMax and DB PLus for sale and use on farm as an emergency use within a 120-day period from 1 June 2022 to the end of September.

The sale of all 2,4-DB chemicals was prohibited since the end of October 2020, but emergency use was granted last year and it has been granted again for this year.

Removal was a blow

The removal of 2,4-DB products was a blow to farmers looking to incorporate clover into swards when reseeding grassland, as without it there is no product approved for use to kill weeds, but not grass or clover.

Supply of these sprays is said to be tight, but more spray should become available later in the month. Farmers should hold out for clover-safe sprays to be available before spraying for weeds in a new reseed.

The best time to hit docks is when they are small, about the size of a €2 coin. The clover should be at the true leaf stage, which means it is fully formed before being sprayed.