Corncrakes have started to arrive in Ireland for the start of the breeding season, which runs from April to September.

It is estimated that 27 calling male corncrakes have been recorded so far, with numbers expected to rise in the next two weeks.

Birds have been confirmed in Donegal, Mayo, Galway and Kerry.

Male birds have a loud, distinctive ‘crex crex’ call, which carries up to 1km away and is mostly heard at night.

Corncrakes are generally found in tall vegetation (20cm) in hay and silage fields, rough pastures and stands of species such as nettles.

Corncrake hotline

There is a corncrake hotline set up where you can report sightings of corncrakes, which helps corncrake field officers to determine the number of breeding pairs in Ireland and to identify important breeding grounds.

If you think you have seen or heard a corncrake, you can phone or WhatsApp the Corncrake LIFE Hotline on 085-878 4648 or email

You can also send the location of where you heard or saw a corncrake here.

Corncrake numbers have declined by over 90% in the last 40 years. They are now mostly found in the west and northwest of the country.

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