Farmers who registered prior to the deadline of 26 April to join this year’s Dairy Calf to Beef Programme need to have calves weighed and weights submitted by 1 November to secure payment.

In order for calves to be eligible for payment they must be:

  • Born on or after 1 January 2021.
  • A male dairy breed sired calf and/or, a male or female beef sired calf from a dairy breed dam.
  • At least 12 weeks old at the time of weighing.
  • On the holding for at least 10 days prior to weighing.
  • Owned and maintained on the holding.
  • Be tagged and registered.
  • Not had its weight recorded as part of the BEEP-Suckler scheme.
  • Unlike the BEEP-S, weighing the calf is the only action within the Dairy Calf to Beef Programme. Once the above criteria is met, calves must be weighed using a registered scales which can be farmer-owned, rented or borrowed but must be registered on the ICBF website.

    Weights must also be submitted to ICBF either online or by post, within seven days of being recorded. This is an important point to remember so that weights are not recorded and then left without submitting them.

    Calves need to be weighed and weights submitted by the deadline of 1 November.

    The scheme carries a payment of €20/calf for a maximum of 20 calves and a minimum of five calves must be weighed to receive any payment. Therefore a maximum payment of €400 is available to farmers with 20 eligible calves.