Drying off right

Spring calving dairy farmers are drying off cows in large numbers this week and in the coming weeks. The key message to getting the job completed in the right way is to get your head lamp out so that you can see what you are doing and secondly get help. Don’t try and take it on yourself. Even if the other person doesn’t know anything about cows they can organise tubes, keep clean equipment in front of you and help move cows around. Don’t rush it – the best farmers will milk cows, go for breakfast and come back to the drying job. Fill one side of the parlour so you have room to organise your equipment and tubes on the other side. In terms of selective dry cow therapy you have to be very careful. You need to have very good information, not just on each cow but also on each quarter. If you don’t have it, then in my opinion, you are better to use dry cow tubes in all quarters and put a plan in place for next year to get better information.