Frank Goodman

Remember the drought? Back in June, dry weather depressed grass growth rates on Frank Goodman’s farm in Co Monaghan. Meanwhile, breeding was kicking off for his spring calving herd.

James Martin

High-yielding cows on the Martin family farm are delivering the goods. In April, we analysed the latest benchmarking figures from the farm in Co Armagh.

James King

By January, calving is well progressed on James King’s farm. When this video was shot at the start of the year, there were 160 cows going through the parlour on the Co Antrim farm.

John Oliver

The weather had taken a turn for the worst by late July on John Oliver’s farm. The Co Derry man is in the process of switching from autumn to spring calving.

Stephen Wallace

The autumn-calving herd on Stephen Wallace’s farm in Co Down was approaching the end of lactation in early July. He was pre-mowing grass in front of cows at that time too.

Richard Marshall

It was a wet spring for most Dairylink farmers, including Richard Marshall in Co Tyrone. In early March, he had all cows housed in a single group , with only three cows left to calve.