The Department of Agriculture has published veterinary certificates for Irish cattle to enter Egypt.

"On foot of engagement from the Department, the Egyptian Ministry for Agriculture agreed to the amended certificates to export breeding, fattening and slaughter cattle from Ireland to Egypt on 7 April," a Department spokesperson told the Irish Farmers Journal.

The Egyptian government has recognised official Irish controls for animal health and welfare. "The intention is that Irish exporters will be able to supply this market as demand arises," the spokesperson said.

Ages and weights

The certificate for fattening cattle is restricted to males which were under 18 months and over 250kg at the start of residency period of at least 21 days without movement before export.

Cattle to be exported to Egypt for slaughter must be under 30 months and over 250kg at the start of the residency period.

All animals must be born in Ireland and vaccinated against IBR/IPV. They must also be free of disease and come from herds where no outbreak of contagious disease occurred in the past six months (or eight years for BSE). Stricter health checks apply to breeding animals.

Cattle for export to Egypt must be kept separate from others during the residency period and may be inspected.

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