Willow, nutrients and biomass heating in Co Down
Thomas Hubert
Combined environmental demands could be met by planting willow crops in selected areas. Thomas Hubert reports on research by AFBI in Northern Ireland.
17 July 2019 News
Agri food biogas starts with large-scale players
While anaerobic digestion is slow to develop on a farm scale, larger agribusinesses are now investing in renewable gas.
10 July 2019 News
New plant to bring plastic recycling costs down
More capacity in Ireland and more competition to treat farmers' used wrap is expected to reverse the hike in recycling costs applied this year.
Listen: 'positives' in Mercosur trade deal but scrutiny needed – Bruton
Despite concerns over the environmental impact of importing 99,000t of extra South American beef, the Minister for Climate Action has highlighted the obligations of the Mercosur countries in the deal.
5 July 2019 News
Watch: full ammonia transparency at Hillsborough
Thomas Hubert reports from AFBI's research farm in Co Down, which is preparing to inform the public of its gas emissions in real time.
3 July 2019 News
Watch: teenage designer of fold-up trough wins award
A Co Armagh student has won a prize for his invention helping one person to move troughs between fields without help.
3 July 2019 News
Group brings sophisticated farm invasions to Ireland
There was nothing left to chance in the operation mounted by dozens of animal rights activists at a family farm last Saturday.
3 July 2019 News
Farmers receive TAMS postponement letters
The Department has formally notified hundreds of farmers of postponements in their approvals for the investment support scheme.
3 July 2019 Schemes
Green light for Mercosur meat wave – with conditions
The headline trade agreement reached by the EU and four South American countries opens the door to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cheap meat, but includes environmental and food standard clauses.
3 July 2019 News
Battle lines drawn for years of wrangling
MEPs are best placed to ask how climate change and compliance with high European standards will be dealt with under the trade agreement between the EU and South American countries.
3 July 2019 News
Can Ireland block the Mercosur trade deal?
EU rules and experience with recent trade agreements indicate when a country can oppose its veto – and how the European Commission can avoid it.
3 July 2019 EU
IFA calling for response over farm invasions
The IFA is to meet officials following trespassing at a pig farm in Co Westmeath at the weekend.
3 July 2019 News