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Is your sprayer due its next test?
Sprayer testing is a vital step in sustainable farming. Here is a guide from the Pesticide Registration and Control division at the Department of Agriculture and Teagasc Machinery.
Pesticides protect your crops; do you protect yourself from pesticides?
12 April 2024
Pesticides protect your crops; do you protect yourself from pesticides?
Dr Edward Straw, a researcher at Trinity College Dublin warns all pesticide users to wear the right safety kit.
Tillage management: weather hopefully picking up
10 April 2024 Husbandry
Tillage management: weather hopefully picking up
The weather is picking up and there is plenty of work to be done on tillage farms, but land will have to dry as well.
Finding the chink in the armour of fungicide resistance – it’s a numbers game
Steven Kildea of Teagasc explains that with almost 10 trillion septoria spores in 1ha of wheat it’s no wonder fungicide resistance builds up.
10 April 2024 Crop protection
Late blight control – mix and alternate fungicides
A new blight resistance strain was identified in Ireland in 2023. Steven Kildea of Teagasc writes what this means for farmers in 2024.
10 April 2024 Crop protection
Tillage Management: difficult weather and crop management
The weather is not playing ball at all, from preventing sowing to making fertiliser spreading and spraying difficult.
3 April 2024 Husbandry
Tillage Management: fertiliser, fungicides and waiting on fine weather
Tillage farmers should try and have winter crops up to date so they can focus on spring planting when the weather comes.
27 March 2024 Husbandry
Tillage Management: spreading and spraying to be done. Weather delays sowing
Tillage farmers are still waiting on land to dry out to plant and are struggling to get through jobs like spraying and spreading fertiliser.
20 March 2024 Husbandry
Tillage management: some work done, but rain continues
Tillage farmers frustrated at present as spring planting continues to be delayed with St Patrick’s Day around the corner.
13 March 2024 Husbandry
Horsch sprayer combo great fit for rolling Donegal hills
Peter Thomas Keaveney caught up with potato and grain grower Jamie Rankin, to find out how his Horsch spraying outfit has performed after its first seasons working on mixed terrain in Co Donegal.
13 March 2024 Farm machinery
Making the most of machine settings for tillage cultivations
Most modern machinery has a significant amount of adjustment capability. These adjustments are seldom utilised but they are there for a purpose to help you do a better job. Andy Doyle reports.
13 March 2024 Farm machinery
Tillage Management: weather continues to delay planting
Tillage farmers are severely impacted by weather at present as they cannot spread fertiliser or spray winter crops or start the spring planting season.
6 March 2024 Husbandry