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Agreement on Boortmalt drying charge ‘not taken lightly’ by IFA
Noel Bardon
The IFA reluctantly accepted the drying charge after negotiations between itself and Boortmalt, the farm org has said.
16 August 2022 News
Ireland to avail of crop diversification derogation for 2023
Irish tillage farmers are set to avail of a derogation from crop diversification requirements in 2023 as part of the European Commission’s response to the war in Ukraine.
16 August 2022 News
Labour shortages lead to £60m crop waste on UK farms
The UK’s fruit and vegetable farmers continue to be affected by a lack of labour available when it comes to picking and harvesting their crops.
Who will be the oat grower of the year?
Flahavan’s has launched a new competition to determine the oat grower of the year from its suppliers.
16 August 2022 News
US court ruling may hinder some biotech developments
Fields can often seem greener at the other side of the mountain, but are they?
15 August 2022 News
Updated: Boortmalt intake remains closed
The Boortmalt intake was closed for three days and suppliers were notified that it would remain closed for another day.
15 August 2022 News
Drought affecting maize yields in EU and US
Maize is one crop that Irish farmers always keep an eye on when it comes to grain price. Drought is affecting the crop this season.
14 August 2022 News
Opinion: community comes together to fight fire, while grain issues loom
A fire on our doorstep stops all talk of Boortmalt and contracts, but there are emerging issues to be addressed.
13 August 2022 Opinion
Weekly podcast: ACRES payments, record harvest and Thrive open day
Get details of the payments set to be available to farmers under ACRES and news of the tillage sector’s €700m record heatwave harvest.
12 August 2022 News
‘Severe’ drought in Europe affecting crop yields - Commissioner
Farmers in many parts of Europe are set to see drier than normal conditions continue for the next three months, says the Global Drought Observatory (GDO).
12 August 2022 News
Boortmalt closes intake for next three days
Boortmalt is the biggest buyer of malting barley in the country and is closing the Athy grain intake on Thursday evening.
11 August 2022 News
Tillage podcast: hot harvest and Department on nitrates
This week, we focus on harvest. We talk to the Department of Agriculture about nitrates, preview this week’s paper and hear the latest on grain markets and weather.
11 August 2022 News