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Kerry farms on show on ITLUS trip
Siobhán Walsh
Two farms will be visited on this year’s summer field day, along with Munster Technological University.
Main fungicide due on winter wheat
19 May 2024 News
Main fungicide due on winter wheat
Some winter wheat crops may already have received their T2 fungicide, while others will be due this fungicide shortly.
Tillage Podcast: walking crops in sunny Waterford
16 May 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: walking crops in sunny Waterford
On this week’s show, we chat to a Waterford farmer and have a report on crops across the country from agronomists.
John Deere S7 combine set for UK debut at Cereals
John Deere will present its new S7 Series combine along with its other new wares at the Cereals 2024 event in Bedfordshire on 11-12 June.
16 May 2024 News
Accompany the Agronomist: spring crops flying up, with some left to plant
In our first full crop survey of agronomists across the country this year, it is reported that spring crops which are planted are growing quickly and look well.
15 May 2024 News
Planting continues on tillage farms
A survey of agronomists across the country has shown that there are still plenty of crops to be planted, but spraying is generally up to date.
15 May 2024 News
Horsch to debut two new Sprinter drills to Cereals
The German manufacturer will showcase two new models of tine seed drills - the Sprinter 6.25 SL and the Sprinter 12.25 SC - for the first time at the Cereals show.
15 May 2024 News
Closing the gate on winter barley
Winter barley crops are variable this year, some have received their final fungicide, while it will be applied to others in the coming days.
14 May 2024 News
Barley yellow dwarf virus risk in late-sown crops
There is a high risk of barley yellow dwarf virus in spring crops this year, as most crops were planted in April and May or are yet to be planted.
12 May 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: selling grain and protecting crops
On this week’s show, we hear from the fields and look at the grain trading trends of Irish tillage farmers.
9 May 2024 News
Grain prices strengthen as planting continues
Grain prices have been increasing in recent weeks, but took significant jumps in recent days.
8 May 2024 News
Does solar PV pay on your farm?
The Renewables Roadshow examined two real-life case studies of solar PV systems installed on a dairy farm and a drystock and tillage farm, writes Stephen Robb.
8 May 2024 Renewables