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Tillage Podcast: pesticide rules, income drop and decline in tillage area
Siobhán Walsh
On this week’s show, we have a chat with a pesticide researcher and look at the drop in income in 2023 and decline in tillage area over the past 15 years.
Tillage farmers reaching 98.5% nitrogen use efficiency
29 November 2023 News
Tillage farmers reaching 98.5% nitrogen use efficiency
Recent figures from the Teagasc National Farm Survey show that tillage farms have a high nitrogen use efficiency.
No leeway on three-crop rule in 2024
29 November 2023 News
No leeway on three-crop rule in 2024
This will come as a blow to tillage farmers struggling with unharvested crops, wet land and a reduction in winter planting area.
Tillage farmer representatives 'disappointed' with Tirlán CEO's remarks
Tillage farmer representatives have said they are disappointed in the comments made by the Tirlán CEO.
29 November 2023 News
Torquey 201hp four pot Valtra punching above its weight
Having bought their first Valtra back in 1999, Eamon and Sean Tracey have stuck with the Finish brand since, and today run five Valtras, including a new N175.
29 November 2023 Farm machinery
Cereal area falls by 20% in 15 years
A decline in tillage area means more carbon emissions from agriculture, according to Siobhán Walsh.
29 November 2023 News
Fertiliser is 40% of direct costs on tillage farms
Fertiliser is one of the biggest spends on tillage farms, taking up 40% of direct costs and 22% of total costs.
28 November 2023 News
Tillage industry livid over Tirlán CEO's comments
The CEO of Tirlán is reported to have been very concerned about other farming sectors' impacts on water quality, aside from dairy farming, at a recent meeting with the European Commissioner.
27 November 2023 News
Tillage conference to focus on resilience in people, products and profits
The Irish Tillage and Land Use Society’s winter conference takes place on Thursday 7 December at the Clanard Court Hotel, Athy, Co Kildare.
26 November 2023 News
Department issues border check reminder to hay and straw importers
Animal pathogens could potentially be transmitted via hay and straw and it is important to protect Ireland's high health status, the Department said.
24 November 2023 News
Tillage Podcast: harvest report, payments and positive EU votes
This week’s show is packed with news from payments to pesticide votes and the Teagasc harvest report.
23 November 2023 News
Planting decisions and risk management for 2024
With a severe decline in the area planted to winter cereals and oilseed rape, tillage farmers need to plan ahead for the 2024 season.
22 November 2023 News