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Farm Programmes
Check your soil health with the underpants test
Siobhán Walsh
The underpants soil test is a simple way of examining the health of your soil. It’s a good idea to try it on a few parts of the farm.
31 August 2022 Farm machinery
Lemken introduces new lightweight Juwel plough
Lemken has introduced the new Juwel 6, marking the new entry level into the Juwel range, while replacing the EurOpal and VariOpal 5 and 6 ranges, which have been on the go for the past 25 years.
3 August 2022 Climate and environment
Carbon initiatives can help you even more than the environment
As we move into a new era of obligatory emission reductions, it is important to realise that increased carbon accumulation in the soil can be worth even more to crop profitability.
Protecting water quality on tillage farms
Eimear Connery and Ciara Donovan spoke to the Irish Farmers Journal about why water quality is so important and what tillage farmers can do to improve it.
24 July 2022 Soils
To bale or chop - nutrient value has more than doubled
Decisions around straw need to take account of the high replacement cost of the nutrients that are exported when straw is removed.
20 July 2022 Soils
Fertiliser and feed savings from fodder and catch crops
Fodder crops have many advantages from providing extra fodder on farm to saving nutrients.
6 July 2022 Fodder
Growing rye on sand in north Derry
This young farmer says rye is an easy crop to grow and look after and is harvested in July helping with workload and cashflow.
29 June 2022 Soils
Seven-day cultivation rules in effect now
The new cultivation rules outlined in the reviewed Nitrates Action Programme are now in effect and tillage farmers will have to work on establishing a green cover seve days after harvesting or baling.
25 May 2022 Soils
Beneficial changes are being accelerated by policy
While tillage farming is increasingly accepted as being best in class on emissions, there is always more that can be done as profitability can run parallel to sustainability.
4 May 2022 Climate and environment
Turning a new sod: Ireland’s largest plough in action
Peter Thomas Keaveney travelled to south Tipperary to catch up with a 12-furrow Kverneland PW wagon plough in action, Ireland’s largest plough.
6 April 2022 Farm machinery
Department needs to plan now for fodder from catch crops
The Fodder Production Incentive Measure 2018 supplied a lot of fodder following a year of drought.
1 April 2022 Climate and environment