650 farmers await Sheep Welfare Scheme payments
Some sheep farmers have not yet received their balancing payment, Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has said.
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Sheep management: replacements, lambs and hoggets
This week's notes cover selection of flock replacements, drafting lambs, management of yearling hoggets and Sheep 2018 Farm to Fork.
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Fencing costs around the country
Fencing material costs vary substantially around the country, with quality the key driver, Emmet Landy and Enda Carr report.
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Environment: have you had your sprayer tested?
Most sprayers still require a test if they were over five years old since November 2016, otherwise they cannot be used.
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Record-breaking numbers for Texel national championships
It was all go in the Texel ring of the NSBA Championships with over 200 sheep forward.
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Firm demand underpinning lamb prices
Factories are attempting to reduce lamb quotes but are very reluctant to miss out on potential deals.
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Improving your Oilseed Rape Harvest Management
This season more than ever correct pre-harvest Roundup® Brands desiccation will be essential for growers.
Saving money while reducing the workload
“It definitely saves money, a healthy cow is a profitable cow. If you have to get the vet to clean out a cow it delays breeding, it delays everything.” Mike McCarthy is farming in Co. Limerick.
Farmers urged to use best practice when spraying pesticides
Exceedances in pesticides have been detected in drinking water sources across the country, as a result Irish Water working in partnership with NPDWAG is appealing to farmers to follow the guidelines.
Vaccinate NOW and Get with the Programme!
Do changes in IBR vaccination recommendations irritate you? Confused with the mixed messages about use of IBR vaccines? Want a robust, reliable and simple IBR vaccination programme for your herd?