Mounting slaughter delays causing frustration for sheep farmers – ICSA
ICSA says large quantities of lambs from Northern Ireland are adding to slaughter delays for sheep farmers as factories look to hit peak output for Eidal-Adha festival.
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Peat bedding could be a popular option
Peat bedding could be an option for farmers who cannot source straw this year.
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Four to one return from spreading fertiliser now
Irish Farmers Journal livestock and tillage specialists report from the fields in week two of Fodder Watch.
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Straw and fodder price update
We look at prices for straw, hay and silage from around the country.
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€8,400 savings on Peter’s farm in Meath
Peter met the Smart Farming team at the National Ploughing Championships last September and decided to take part. A half day’s farm visit took place last month.
Tullamore win a positive start to important week for Maam Cross Mule Group
The group is hoping to build on last Sunday’s first prize win in the ewe lamb class by breeder Padraic Canny and record positive performance in Saturday’s annual ewe lamb sale in Maam Cross Mart.
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Mule ewe lambs sell for up to €180/head
Today's sale at Maam Cross mart saw strong ewe lambs sell to €180/head, but average prices were down a little due to a greater supply of lighter lambs on offer.
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Prevention for Profit Competition – Have you got what it takes?
The preventative approach is much more rewarding than the treatment approach when it comes to animal health on your farm.
Now that it has rained……we may get more than we bargained for!
Rain was badly needed and now that it has arrived we can look forward to a burst of grass growth.
Liming – what a difference a year makes!
Trevor Boland from Sligo won a lime and nutrient management plan worth €2,500 in the 2017 Smart Farming Competition.
Your Association. Your Voice – Get Involved in IFA
The IFA is about farmers, standing together, supporting each other. I encourage all farmers to get more actively involved in what IFA does, to strengthen the IFA and ensure we are fully representative