Sheep Management

Sheep Management: slaughter performance and marketing options for hill lambs
Darren Carty
Lambs should be carefully assessed when drafting, with more reports of lambs recording a much lower kill out in recent weeks.
Sheep Management: taking stock of current performance
10 July 2024 Management
Sheep Management: taking stock of current performance
Many flocks find themselves running behind target, be it with reduced lamb performance, tight grass supplies or inadequate winter forage requirements.
Sheep Management: cobalt deficiency, Startect availability and weighing accuracy
3 July 2024 Management
Sheep Management: cobalt deficiency, Startect availability and weighing accuracy
Reports indicate there are signs of lambs succumbing to cobalt deficiency, while farmers challenged by anthelmintic resistance have cause for greater optimism in worm control strategies.
IFJ Junior: exploring the wonders of wool
A new platform is bringing a virtual reality shearing and wool preparation experience into the classroom, reports Darren Carty.
26 June 2024 Management
Tullamore Farm update: first batch of 2024-born lambs drafted
The 16 March-born lambs, weighing from 42kg to 50kg, were slaughtered on Thursday and generated a sales value of €182.59.
26 June 2024 Tullamore Farm
Sheep Management: timely weaning, selecting replacements and castration
Decisions taken around weaning include the selection of flock replacements, identifying ewes for culling and weighing up the merits of castrating lambs.
26 June 2024 Management
Sheep Management: worm counts, lamb kill out and nuisance flies
With temperatures rising, worm burdens are likely to be a greater concern over the next week.
19 June 2024 Management
Sheep Management: grass management and controlling scald
Grassland management has become much more complicated over the last 10 days, with growth rates dipping significantly and grass heading out much quicker
12 June 2024 Management
Sheep management: blowfly strike, shearing documentation and SIS actions
There has been some early warnings of blowfly strike over the last week, which have been mostly seen in unshorn sheep with soiled fleeces.
5 June 2024 Management
Get smart with sheep wormers this summer
Strategic dosing can lower worm burdens on farms and also prevent worm populations from becoming resistant, writes Peter McCann.
5 June 2024 Northern Ireland
Key tips on equipment maintenance
From switching to longer bevels and regular changing of combs and cutters, there was a variety of information for both new and seasoned shearers at the recent Heineger gear night.
29 May 2024 Management
New technologies helping breeding on Tullamore Farm
Breeding is progressing nicely on Tullamore Farm, with cows put forward for breeding.
29 May 2024 Tullamore Farm