It has never been easier for farmers to recycle fertiliser bags, with over 235 recycling centres provided throughout the country each year from April to July. These centres, which are provided by IFFPG, the national farm plastics recycling scheme, accept the full range of farm plastic waste, including fertiliser bags. Farmers have responded very positively to the service, with almost 1,000t of fertiliser bags collected for recycling in 2019. While the vast majority of waste collected is silage wrap and pit covers, increasing amounts of fertiliser bag waste is also being collected. Since the fertiliser bag recycling service was initiated in 2010, the volume of waste recycled has increased from just 100t to almost 1,000t last year. The year-on-year increase in recycling rates clearly demonstrates that farmers will respond positively if provided with a convenient and cost-effective recycling option.

So how can farmers engage with the service?