Fertiliser prices climbed again this week, with many merchants and co-ops moving prices up by €15/t to €20/t.

There was less price variation overall this week as merchants who had been quoting at lower levels for fertiliser bought in at cheaper prices have now sold that out.

Urea is costing €400/t to the merchants’ yards and CAN for April is being priced at approximately €300/t to the merchant.

Protected urea ‘can’t be got’

Nitrogen remains in tight supply due to high demand globally and lower production last autumn.

A common phrase on the phone this week was “if you can get urea”. Supplies of the product remain limited and protected urea is an even rarer commodity which may not be available in all outlets.

Looking at prices, urea (46% N, no S) ranges from €370/t and is hitting €410/t at the top end. Depending on regional variation, protected urea costs anywhere from €420/t to €460/t.

CAN is ranging from €255/t to €285/t, while CAN+S is €10/t on top of that price.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are holding up compound prices. For example, 18-6-12 is ranging from €355/t to €385/t.

Regular customers or customers paying up front and buying full loads can expect the keenest rates. Some prices may be significantly higher to non-regular customers. For example, 18-6-12 is up to €390/t in some cases.

Many farmers purchased early in the season this year and there is plenty of fertiliser out on farms and the past few days of dry weather have seen a surge in deliveries.