Fertiliser prices fall further
Pat O'Toole
Product is moving - although slowly, as wet weather continues to hamper fertiliser application on farms, with a huge range in prices for all products.
29 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Grain markets suggest ration prices will fall
Price quotes for livestock rations look set to hold firm for April but with grain markets easing, there is scope for lower prices in late spring.
29 March 2023 Management
Recovering from a wet March
After a very wet month of March, Aidan Brennan has some advice for farmers on how to get back on track.
Fertiliser market frozen by wet weather
The stand-off over old fertiliser stock continues as wet weather slows sales.
22 March 2023 News
CAN prices fall back under £500/t
There have been further price corrections in the fertiliser trade this week, with CAN slipping under £500/t.
15 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Urea or CAN nitrogen fertiliser, what should I buy?
This week's Beef Management takes a look at fertiliser purchases and dealing with the difficult weather conditions on beef farms.
15 March 2023 Management
Global nitrogen prices falling
Buying and usage patterns vary between country so local storage and transport costs will mean price differences.
15 March 2023 News
Thousands to be saved by switching to urea
The figures are significant when you look at switching from CAN to urea for the top dressing of cereal crops.
12 March 2023 News
Up to €155/t price differential in fertiliser
Fertiliser is far cheaper the further north you go in the country this week.
8 March 2023 News
Tillage management: urea offers money savings, but careful when spreading
Nitrogen will go out on winter cereal crops this month and urea offers significant savings, but farmers need to be careful when spreading urea on their farm.
8 March 2023 Husbandry
Nitrogen fertiliser falls to £535/t
CAN, urea and grassland compounds continue to see significant price cuts this spring
8 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Beef farmers stall on fertiliser purchases
Adam Woods has the latest on this spring’s fertiliser markets, including the latest quotes for fertiliser around the country.
8 March 2023 Grass & feeding