Northern Ireland
NI fertiliser deliveries hit another new low
Peter McCann
The new statistics back up reports from local merchants that fertiliser sales remained quiet throughout July, August, and September this year.
Emissions from dairy, cattle, sheep and tillage farms fell in 2022 – Teagasc
While dairy cow numbers increased, greenhouse gas emissions still fell on average, Teagasc research has revealed.
4 October 2023 News
New carbon tax on fertiliser in the pipeline
The new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism will apply additional charges that take account of the embedded carbon emissions in imported fertiliser and steel.
Fertiliser sales stall as forward purchasing collapses
While a lot of product was sold in August ahead of the new fertiliser register coming into force, merchants said demand has evaporated in September.
27 September 2023 News
Urea and CAN should not be in co-op yards
Former Macra president Thomas Duffy said that there "is no excuse anymore" for not using protected urea.
26 July 2023 News
Teagasc unveils 'roadMACC' to reducing emissions
Professor Frank O’Mara insisted that the revised MACC provided a “technology pathway” for the agriculture sector to meet its obligations on emissions.
12 July 2023 News
Fertiliser orders up as prices fall further
This is the first time since the beginning of 2022 that CAN has traded below €400/t.
28 June 2023 News
Feed mills cut ration prices for July
A number of feed mills across NI are cutting ration feed prices from 1 July.
28 June 2023 Northern Ireland
Fertiliser prices falling but expected to steady
Fertiliser prices have come down again by between €50/t and €100/t across the country.
21 June 2023 News
Farmer Writes: no respite from hot weather
Unless we get some decent downpours over the weekend, we will have to open the pit.
14 June 2023 Farmer Writes