“So far this year, the relatively kind weather has been supportive of crop growth and development," according to Frank McGauran from Syngenta.

"Autumn-sown crops came out of the winter in good shape, spring crops were sown in good time, into decent seedbeds and the weather has delivered excellent growing conditions, so crops are looking well and promising decent yields,” he added.

Frank warns that disease pressure has increased during the broken weather in recent weeks and that disease still has the potential to knock yields.

“Grain prices are at record high levels at the moment, so protecting yield is the number one priority from here to harvest.

"Recent rainfall has increased disease pressure in cereals and in field beans, so the remaining fungicide applications will be important to protect against yield and quality reductions,” Frank added.

Elatus Era contains a strong barley SDHI and prothioconazole, which delivers a broad spectrum of disease control and brackling reduction.

Elatus Era is Syngenta’s main fungicide offering for the final spray on spring barley, spring oats and spring beans and will be the choice of many growers.

Elatus Era is well established as a final spray on spring barley, delivering a broad spectrum of disease control and brackling reduction.

Frank advised: “The best time to apply is at the ‘paint brush’ stage and always tank mix with folpet to enhance ramularia control. This application should see the crop out to harvest.”


On oats, Elatus Era is now the standard for the final application at or around panicle emergence.

“Crown rust is the most damaging disease on oats, by far. Elatus Era has demonstrated exceptional levels of crown rust control, it is kind to the crop and allows the leaf canopy to optimise yield and quality.

"Our trials over the past few years have recorded big yield benefits over alternative products,” said Frank.

Grower can now use Elatus Era for the control of chocolate spot and rust on field beans.

Finally, Elatus Era is new to field beans this year. It claims control of chocolate spot at least as strong as alternatives and benefits in terms of rust control.

According to Frank, chocolate spot can be a difficult disease to control on beans.

“On spring beans, two fungicides will be needed, one at early flower, which should be done by now, and one at late flower.

"Elatus Era can only be used once per crop, so if not used earlier, it should be applied at the late flowering timing. Watch out for the maximum rate, which is 0.66l/ha on beans,” he said.

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