Barley responds to good management - a certainty among the uncertainties
Siobhán Walsh
Barley can deliver high yields, even in a season like 2024 when you don't expect it, writes Tom McCabe.
10 April 2024 Markets
Grain Trends: oilseed rape on the up
Grain markets were steady this week and oilseed rape prices increased.
10 April 2024 News
High-yielding barley crops still a possibility
The weather is frustrating and tillage farmers are worried, but good, high-yielding crops are still a possibility.
Opinion: reasons to be cheerful - parts one to four
With all the awful weather, farmers need to focus on the positives as best they can and wait with optimism for the weather to change.
6 April 2024 Opinion
Grain Trends: planting progressing well in France
Weather and oil prices were affecting markets this week, with oilseed rape moving up and wheat remaining fairly steady.
3 April 2024 Markets
Poor weather driving feed sales
Farmers who are struggling to get animals out on grass are purchasing increasing quantities of baled silage, fodder beet and concentrate feed.
3 April 2024 News
Looking to the past for solutions to the climate challenge facing farmers
It is fascinating to observe how scientists are looking both to the past and to the future to answer how farmers are going to feed the world, writes Joe Healy, a director of Self Help Africa.
3 April 2024 News
Grain Trends: more positive, but a lot to watch
Grain markets looked more positive this week, but there are many different things to keep an eye on.
27 March 2024 Markets
Barley seed demand up among dairy farmers
Farmers are looking to secure their own straw supplies ahead of next winter and are considering sowing their own barley to fulfill their requirements.
27 March 2024 News
Grain Trends: markets on the up
Grain markets looked more positive this week, with many factors affecting markets. However, global grain production is forecast up for 2024/2025.
20 March 2024 Markets
Crucial few weeks ahead for UK crops
There is a clear intention to plant more spring wheat, but the persistence of wet weather means there is uncertainty about whether this can be done, the AHDB said.
17 March 2024 News
Grain Trends: markets a little bit more positive this week
Grain markets looked a little bit better this week than they have in recent times, as some supply concerns come into the market.
13 March 2024 Markets