The Crop Protection Magazine, published by the Irish Farmers Journal, has become an essential publication to have on tillage farms over the years.

It is kept in the filing cabinet with the crop record books and farm documents to have while filling out records or in the tractor when deciding on rates.

This season we are bringing the Crop Protection Magazine online so you can access it anytime, anywhere on your smart phone.

Anyone with an Irish Farmers Journal subscription will be able to access the Crop Protection search engine.

In this section, you can look up a product by name if you simply need some information on this product.

Once you find the product you are looking for it will provide all the details from the Crop Protection Magazine product lists including the product rate, timing, buffer zone and so on.

It will come in handy when out spraying as you can look up a product and see what rate you should be applying straight away.

If you are looking for a product for a specific issue or crop, you can filter your search results by clicking on a fungicide for example and then clicking on barley.

The fungicides which are allowed to be used on barley will then appear.

You can visit the Crop Protection Search Engine by visiting the Knowledge hub on or by scanning this QR code.