Mayo town achieves pesticide-free water supply
Rachel Donovan
Uisce Éireann is encouraging farmers to look at alternatives to pesticides in order to improve drinking water quality.
27 September 2023 Crops
Herbicides failing to control annual meadow-grass
Leaving annual meadow-grass or grass-weed control until the spring is the least effective control strategy, which may run the risk of resistance onset, writes Vijaya Bhaskar of Teagasc.
5 July 2023 News
Commission publishes gene-editing proposals and draft soil health law
A raft of Green Deal proposals were published on Wednesday intended to help the EU's farmers meet environmental targets.
Higher prices needed for horticulture farmers - Hackett
Horticulture farmers will go out of business if retailers don’t offer fair prices, Minister Hackett has said.
21 June 2023 News
Calling all vegetable growers - major event takes place this week
A major event for vegetable growers, focusing on cultural weed control systems, is set to take place this Wednesday at Teagasc Oak Park from 9am.
19 June 2023 News
Crops event: grass weed stand to show what’s working and what’s not
Vijaya Bhaskar AV talks grass weeds, herbicide resistance and keeping them under control ahead of the open day.
Tines, hoes and robots – vegetable weed control demo
A second, specialised demonstration will take place at the event this year and will put 17 mechanical weed control machines for field vegetable crops to the test write Andy Whelton and Stephen Robb.
Tillage farmers advised to avoid stressing crops in dry weather
Irrigation systems are working on crops across the country as the dry spell continues.
7 June 2023 Crops
Submit weed seeds for testing if you suspect herbicide resistance
Be more proactive in resistance testing to prevent creating future weed problems on your farm, urges Teagasc researcher Vijaya Bhaskar.
31 May 2023 Crops
Picture paints a thousand words on blackgrass
Where growers rely on chemicals to control weeds their weed management plans are being challenged by plants which have developed resistance to herbicides, writes Vijaya Bhaskar of Teagasc.
17 May 2023 Crops
Tillage Podcast: are beans the new sugar beet?
On this week’s podcast, we talk about tillage incomes, ways to help tillage as the Food Vision tillage group meets and hear how crops are looking across the country.
11 May 2023 News
Successful weed control helped by appropriate timing
The infestation of weeds in a sward can have a major negative effect on the performance of grassland swards and volume of grass grown and utilised.
23 April 2023 Management