Barley responds to good management - a certainty among the uncertainties
Barley can deliver high yields, even in a season like 2024 when you don't expect it, writes Tom McCabe.
10 April 2024 Crop protection
Pesticides are more than just the main ingredient
Dr Edward Straw of Trinity College writes about how the active ingredient is a small part of a pesticide. Co-formulants which help the product to work are a large part of the ingredients.
10 April 2024 Crop protection
Finding the chink in the armour of fungicide resistance – it’s a numbers game
Steven Kildea of Teagasc explains that with almost 10 trillion septoria spores in 1ha of wheat it’s no wonder fungicide resistance builds up.
Late blight control – mix and alternate fungicides
A new blight resistance strain was identified in Ireland in 2023. Steven Kildea of Teagasc writes what this means for farmers in 2024.
10 April 2024 Crop protection
Hundreds of sprayers grant aided under TAMS with some due a test
A large number of trailed and mounted sprayers were grant aided under TAMS II from the Department of Agriculture. Many of these sprayers are now due a test.
9 April 2024 News
Crop protection magazine 2024 to equip farmers for the season
This year's Crop Protection Magazine hits everything from EU policy to cereal disease management and resistance to fungicides in potatoes.
7 April 2024 Crop protection
New potato blight strain a real concern
A new potato blight strain which is taking hold in Europe is a huge concern for Irish growers.
26 March 2024 News
Sulphur, seaweed and potash topping trials at Drummonds
The Drummonds trial site is a great resource for the company’s agronomists and customers to base their advice on.
11 February 2024 News
New wheat fungicide available to Irish growers
Univoq is one of the leading fungicides used to control septoria and rusts across Europe, according to Corteva.
27 January 2024 News