Barley responds to good management - a certainty among the uncertainties
Barley can deliver high yields, even in a season like 2024 when you don't expect it, writes Tom McCabe.
12 April 2024 Crop protection
Is your sprayer due its next test?
Sprayer testing is a vital step in sustainable farming. Here is a guide from the Pesticide Registration and Control division at the Department of Agriculture and Teagasc Machinery.
10 April 2024 News
High-yielding barley crops still a possibility
The weather is frustrating and tillage farmers are worried, but good, high-yielding crops are still a possibility.
Pesticides are more than just the main ingredient
Dr Edward Straw of Trinity College writes about how the active ingredient is a small part of a pesticide. Co-formulants which help the product to work are a large part of the ingredients.
10 April 2024 Crop protection
Hundreds of sprayers grant aided under TAMS with some due a test
A large number of trailed and mounted sprayers were grant aided under TAMS II from the Department of Agriculture. Many of these sprayers are now due a test.
9 April 2024 News
Crop protection magazine 2024 to equip farmers for the season
This year's Crop Protection Magazine hits everything from EU policy to cereal disease management and resistance to fungicides in potatoes.
7 April 2024 Crop protection
Does Irish farming need a new advocate?
With Agri Aware, the NDC, Bord Bia and Meat and Dairy Facts already on the pitch, why are there talks around setting up a separate grouping to present the truth around farming to the public?
27 March 2024 Dealer
Tillage Podcast: farming for Dyson, Irish crop returns and awards
This week’s Tillage Podcast features the head of agronomy of a 35,000ac farm, undesirable figures on Irish tillage farming and some good news on whiskey.
8 February 2024 News
Syngenta spraying expert retires
Tom Gartland has retired from Syngenta after a career which has seen many changes.
7 February 2024 News
Check: is your sprayer test in date?
Farmers should test their sprayers to ensure they are working correctly and efficiently, but also to meet conditionality, formerly cross-compliance, requirements.
30 December 2023 News
Explainer: where do farmers stand with EU green deal?
There was a lot of movement in 2023 on the European Commission's green deal and Farm to Fork plans for farmers.
29 December 2023 Climate and environment
Top tips on pesticide reduction
In this article Alan Hurley an inspector in pesticides registration at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and Shay Phelan, a tillage specialist at Teagasc talk about reducing pesticide
20 December 2023 Husbandry