Reduce pesticide derogations, says EU
Pat O'Toole
Derogations for usage of banned pesticides should be limited, an EU court of justice adviser has said.
29 June 2022 News
New technologies needed to reach pesticide targets – grain growers
"We have to see increased investment from Europe to reach these goals via technology such as spot spraying."
27 June 2022 Husbandry
Industry research collaboration to help tackle wireworms
I read with interest about an industry collaboration in the UK to help understand and tackle the growing wireworm problems there, writes Andy Doyle.
Commission set to tighten farm pesticide rules
The Sustainable Use Directive will be replaced with a more stringent regulatory regime, should the European Commission’s proposals pass.
22 June 2022 News
Assessing the market for ‘sleeping giant’ of organics
If organic production has been a sleeping giant, Government support will encourage its awakening.
22 June 2022 News
EU over one quarter of way to 2030 pesticide reduction target
The EU has reduced pesticide usage by 14% since the baseline Farm to Fork period.
17 June 2022 News
Pippa and farmers may need to move like Jagger
The Rolling Stones message from 1969 is one farming needs to heed in 2022.
15 June 2022 Dealer
Improving risk assessment and detection of wireworm
At the recent World Potato Congress, Martyn Cox explained how we can better understand and assess the risk posed to crops by wireworms.
13 June 2022 Husbandry
Fertiliser prices and availability high on the agenda of EU farm ministers
Minister McConalogue has travelled to Luxembourg to take part in the Council of Agricultural Ministers’ discussions on farm issues.
13 June 2022 News
Glyphosate not cancerous - EU expert group
The European Chemicals Agency believes the universal herbicide to not be carcinogenic, a boost towards its continued use.
8 June 2022 News
It's time to grasp the GM nettle
With inputs increasingly scarce and expensive, it's time to revisit the ban on the production of genetically modified crops
25 May 2022 Dealer
Less than a month left to sow wild bird cover
Ground conditions in more marginal areas, which in many years are trickier to navigate, are ideal this year.
6 May 2022 Schemes