O’Sullivan calls for funds and balance on pesticides regulations
Siobhán Walsh
The Irish Farmers Journal met with Grace O’Sullivan last week in Brussels. The Green Party MEP is calling for funds to incentivise improved plant protection product use.
28 May 2023 News
Pesticides: amenity use cuts and rewarding lower use
Colm Markey has said that the focus of pesticide reduction targets should be on amenity and domestic use.
25 May 2023 News
Tillage Podcast: pesticides and politics - reporting from Brussels
On this week’s Tillage Podcast, we’re reporting from Brussels and talk field work back home and low grain prices.
Wonky food in a wonky food chain
The obsession with perfect looking food is a symptom of misplaced priorities within the food chain, and it's piling unsustainable pressure on growers.
17 May 2023 Dealer
MEP group rejects EU rewetting and pesticide plans
The EPP group, which has agreed to reject proposals on nature restoration and tighter pesticide rules, is the largest in the European Parliament.
5 May 2023 News
Irish Water urges farmers and gardeners to be vigilant on pesticides
Significant progress made in pesticide pollution reduction but efforts must continue, the organisation warned.
28 April 2023 News
Mixing varieties to reduce disease and fungicide use
Aoife O'Driscoll from Co Cork works for NIAB in the UK where she is carrying out work on mixing varieties. In this article, she shares some of her findings.
12 April 2023 Crop protection
Looming Farm to Fork decisions will be key for Irish farmers
MEP Colm Markey warns of shifting goalposts with new environmental rules and the importance of farmer-friendly targets in the EU's Farm to Fork Strategy.
12 April 2023 News
300 submissions on new pesticide rules
The Department of Agriculture received over 300 submissions to the consultation from members of the public - and no doubt farm and environmental organisations.
12 April 2023 News
What’s in your 2023 Crop Protection magazine?
The 2023 Crop Protection magazine is packed full of information and is a must-have item for the season ahead.
11 April 2023 News
Bad apples could see farmers get both barrels
As farmers begin to assess the findings of the Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity, we need to realise that unless we root out bad practice in farming, we are on a hiding to nothing.
8 April 2023 Opinion
Compensate farmers for increased plant protection costs, committee says
The Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture has said the EU regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products will have “negative implications” for Ireland.
2 April 2023 News