Glyphosate detected in one-quarter of Irish people sampled
Pat O'Toole
A study showed that almost 60% of people exhibited exposure to glyphosate, altough at levels that are a fraction of the EU's acceptable limit.
25 January 2023 Letters
Letter regarding the proposal to reduce pesticide usage
"Our yields would be dramatically reduced and our family farms will be bankrupted." - John Kelleher, Co Cork
25 January 2023 News
Teagasc calls on farmers to take part in pesticide consultation
Teagasc is carrying out an impact assessment on the effects of the new Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulations.
Urine testing reveals ‘low level traces’ of glyphosate in Irish families
A University of Galway study has shown that low levels of glysphosate was detected in farming and non-farming families.
23 January 2023 News
Speak up or put up with new pesticide rules
It’s as if we are trying to manage farmers out of business – the cart before the horse.
18 January 2023 Viewpoints
Cows painted with zebra stripes repel flies - research
Researchers in Japan have come up with an alternative to insecticides to prevent flies biting cattle.
14 January 2023 News
EU to audit Ireland on animal welfare and pesticides
The EU's DG Health and Food Safety carry out audits monitoring EU legislation in the areas of food and feed safety, animal health, animal welfare and plant health.
12 January 2023 News
Farm policy developments to watch in 2023
There is already a heavy agricultural policy agenda on the cards for 2023. Anne Finnegan, policy analyst, looks at the big ticket items farmer need to follow this year.
4 January 2023 News
Call for additional analysis on pesticide proposals ‘positive’ – IFA
A mandatory EU requirement to cut pesticide use by 50% will destroy Ireland’s tillage sector overnight, says IFA grain chair Kieran McEvoy.
21 December 2022 News
Have your say on SUR and make it count
All pesticide users need to be aware of the implications of the proposed sustainable use regulations for pesticides and have the necessary opinions heard in the DAFM consultation process
19 December 2022 Crops
Have your say in the new pesticide rules
Now is your opportunity to contribute to new pesticide rules, which have been proposed by the EU. The proposals aim to cut use by 50%.
18 December 2022 News
EU backing away from complete ban on sprays
The Commission is now open to compromise after its proposals to ban all sprays in many part of the EU, including Ireland, were met with resistance from agriculture ministers.
14 December 2022 News