One of the biggest news items of this year has been the introduction of the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes (TAMS) II grant scheme.

This gives grant aid of 40% on machinery and infrastructure that is covered. It can be upped to 60% if the applicant is a qualified young farmer.

The scheme is wide-ranging in that it covers everything from sheds to GPS guidance systems for your tractor.

Low-emission slurry equipment has been on the scheme for a number of years but in April of this year, the Tillage Capital Investment Scheme opened. This means that a wider range of equipment for tillage farmers is covered under the scheme.

At this year’s Ploughing, there will be thousands of tams-eligible items on show for prospective buyers. Here are 10 of the items that will be available.

1. Disk harrows

Pöttinger Ireland will be showing its well-liked Terradisc in differing width variations.

The company will have a major presence at the Ploughing, including making use of the newly established demonstration area to show current and potential customers how their machines can benefit their business.

2. GPS

Under the latest tranche of Tams, standalone GPS units have been included.

Topcon has been an industry leader in this technology for many years.

At this year’s Ploughing, it will have standalone systems from the small-screened simple guidance to top-of-the-range ones with the ability to upgrade to autosteer at a later date, if required.

3. Autosteer

Vantage Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of GPS technology. At the Ploughing, it will be showing all levels of their guidance systems from simple to full autosteer. Accuracy is essential when getting these systems under tams and Vantage has many autosteer systems which will meet these parameters.

4. Trailing shoe

Hi-Spec Engineering will be showing a trailing shoe option from AgQuip. The trailing shoe is available in either a 6m or 7.5m working width and is carried on an independent lifting mast on the rear of the tanker. This linkage allows downward pressure to be exerted ensuring slurry is placed as close to the ground as possible.

A hardened trailing shoe gently parts the grass sideways and allows the slurry to be placed on the ground via a specialised rubber boot.

The grass covering will then prevent valuable nutrients from escaping and the placement of the slurry close to the roots ensures a reduced grazing turnaround.

The trailing shoe unit also comes with a Vogelsang Exa-Cut. The lifting mast on the rear allows the trailing shoe to be removed within minutes. The tanker axle is moved rearwards to accommodate the additional weight of the trailing shoe.

A splash plate is also fitted as standard to provide maximum flexibility for the operator.

5. Tanker

Armagh-based SlurryKat Engineering will have a full display of tankers on its stand from the smaller single-axle right through to the triple-axle version.

6. Wheel-changing crate

Safety has become a major issue in Irish agriculture and there have been a few tragic accidents over the last few years involving over-inflation of large agricultural tyres. Agrigear will have a full range of tyres and tyre-related equipment from small implement tyres to the massive tyres on the back of modern high horsepower tractors.

7. Grain dryer

Cross Engineering will have a display of tams-compliant grain dryers at Ploughing 2017.

Its range consists of machines capable of drying from 5.5t per hour up to the leading XL range, which can have a batch size of up to 50t. Cross Engineering can also supply you with a ring roller which is covered for grant aid.

8. Sprayer

IAM will be at this year’s Ploughing and will be showing a full range of Hardi sprayers covered under the Tillage Capital Investment Scheme.

Sprayers must have electronic controls as a minimum and up to full gps-guided section control, all of which is possible within the Hardi range.

9. Direct drill

Anner Agri will be showing the GD 3000m direct drill at the Ploughing.

The mounted GD Drill is an affordable, flexible and manoeuvrable zero-till drilling system for all farm sizes.

A slimline 1,600-litre hopper provides operators with ample capacity. Fitted with an easily accessible pneumatic metering unit accompanied by RDS Artemis Lite, calibration is fast and simple. A closed hydraulic circuit provides individual coulter pressure, helping to maintain consistent ground contact across undulations with an accurate sowing depth.

10. Fertiliser spreaders

There is still some confusion as to which spreaders are covered by the TAMS tillage grant.

If you are in the market for a new spreader at Ploughing 2017, each of the suppliers and manufacturers will know if their machine is currently covered under the scheme.

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