OrlDen products, based in Warrenpoint, Co Down, launched OrlDen Fox Repellent Oil in 2014. Michael Lynch says the company is very pleased with sales of the product in Ireland and Scotland. “Our customers’ response has been very pleasing. Nobody reported that they lost lambs treated with OrlDen Fox Repellent Oil. Effectively, they had zero losses to foxes and there was no mismothering of lambs by ewes.”

Michael advises to put the oily paste on the neck area only (back of the neck/throat area). He says that putting it all around the neck may be beneficial in preventing attacks from a mink or weasel, but the company cannot guarantee this protection. The recommended time of application depends on the location of lambs. “If lambs are born indoors, apply the oil just before they are let out. If lambs are born outside, then they risk predation immediately after being born or the following evening/night. The oil can be applied immediately or before that evening, at the latest, to provide protection. If applying to freshly-born lambs, still wet, it is important to apply the oil to the neck area only to avoid rejection.”