Infection and difficult lambings account for 52% of lamb mortality
Darren Carty
Dwayne Shiels, Teagasc, told farmers at the recent Teagasc lowland sheep conference that the first 72 hours of a lamb’s life are critical to lamb survival.
9 February 2022 Lambing
Lambing in an unfamiliar environment
Lamb prices are running at record levels but so too are import costs while there are also significant changes in place on the animal health and veterinary medicines front.
9 February 2022 Lambing
Hygiene and colostrum critical in combating watery mouth
Farmers can no longer rely on the routine use of oral antibiotics due to availability issues with Spectam Scour Halt and tighter restrictions around the use of antimicrobials.
New veterinary medicine regulations now in place
Much of the discussion in recent months was focused on new rules for antiparasitics and this overshadowed new rules concerning antimicrobials, which apply since 28 January 2022.
9 February 2022 Lambing
Feeding to safeguard milk yield
Getting feeding correct in late gestation and early lactation is vital to ensure ewes reach peak milk yield and potential performance is not compromised.
9 February 2022 Lambing