Factory prices for hoggets are rising at pace, with base quotes jumping by as much as 25p/kg, taking quotes to 565p/kg mid-week.

At the 22kg carcase weight limit, this makes finished hoggets worth £124.30.

However, with supplies of slaughter fit hoggets showing further signs of tightening, farmers with animals to sell are in a strong position.

Reports indicate that factory agents are paying 580p to 585p/kg to secure supplies, with deals being offered at a 23kg carcase limit.


Competition for finished hoggets in marts is strong as throughput continues to drop amid scarce supplies.

Mart prices are up 30p/kg on the week with hoggets typically returning £126 to £132 depending on weight and quality, with meal finished animals commanding higher prices.

Cull ewes are also a super trade with heavy fleshed lots making £130 to £140.


While southern Irish plants usually drive higher prices in NI, the current trade is benefiting from increased demand in Britain.

Price reports this week indicate hoggets are making over 600p/kg and slaughter fit animals from NI have moved to plants in Britain within the past week.

Britain’s marketing body, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, reports that finished hoggets averaged 593.3p/kg last week.

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