In partnership with the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD), IBEC’s TYTalks21 virtual careers event aims to inspire and inform all 45,000 of Ireland’s transition year (TY) students.

TYTalks21 has been specifically designed for TY students, with a focus on the future of work and the importance of following their career goals.

The ongoing pandemic has seriously interrupted the work placements and development opportunities that Ireland’s TY students would have typically experienced, pre-COVID times.

Those vital weeks and months often aid students in making better informed education and career choices.

To help reconcile that loss, the teams at IBEC and NAPD have come together to present a half-day immersive event for TY students across the country.

Interactive session

The day will kick off with an interactive session on 'designing your future’, with Jaz and Laura from SPIN 1038 - The Zoo Crew.

The second session ‘the world of work - the movers and shakers’ will feature Harry McCann, a young award-winning entrepreneur and journalist.

Students will also gain solid career advice and industry insight from some of Ireland’s leading business people.

In session three, ‘find your education pathways’ attendees will learn about some of Ireland’s many academic and training options, as well as the endless number of career opportunities that education opens the door to.

TYTalks21 educational event organised by IBEC takes place on Wednesday, 05 May.

And last but not least, the event will wrap up with session four, ‘life skills for success’, which will help students understand and appreciate the value of both technical and creative skillsets, assuring them that every single skill type can be applied and contribute to a successful career in the future.

Expo area

There will also be a virtual expo area, showcasing learning and skills partners, an industries discovery zone and a scavenger hunt for prizes.

Learn from futurists, business minds, educators, young leaders and entrepreneurs at the event on Wednesday 5 May, which will give students a much-needed confidence and motivation boost during this challenging time.

Participating schools are being asked for a nominal contribution of €250 where possible to cover the cost of the event. Once the school is registered, all students will have individual access to the event.

Any queries can be directed via email to

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