The ICSA has hit out at remarks made by Green Party leader Minister Eamon Ryan.

ICSA president Dermot Kelleher said the minister had suggested that the Organics Scheme was a solution to current difficulties in the beef sector.

Kelleher pointed out how farcical this was given the recently reopened scheme was actually targeted away from beef farmers, towards tillage, horticulture and dairy.

“To claim that a scheme - which explicitly targets tillage, horticulture and dairy farmers to the detriment of beef farmers - is a panacea for the beef sector is patronising in the extreme,” he said.

Broader scheme

“[The] ICSA suggests the Green Party should demonstrate their commitment to the Organics Sector by developing a broader organics scheme that does not sideline beef and sheep farmers.”

It has been a difficult week for the Green Party in farm circles, as Minister of State for Agriculture and Green Party senator Pippa Hackett also caused upset for her comments on Newstalk that organic farming could remedy the “ills” of traditional farming.