Commission's plan to cut farm inspections 'step in right direction' - ICSA
Rachel Donovan
The Irish Government needs to take note of the Commission's proposal to reduce the number of farm inspections, the ICSA has said.
22 February 2024 News
Proposed appeals review panel needs separation from Department - farm orgs
At the pre-legislative scrutiny of the agriculture appeals (amendment) bill 2024, the ICMSA said the proposed independent appeals review panel needs farmer representation.
21 February 2024 News
No date set for interim ACRES payments
The ICSA has questioned why the interim ACRES payment wasn’t made before Christmas when it “became obvious” that many participants were going to be left “high and dry”.
Answers needed now on ACRES delays – ICSA
The farm group is seeking clear answers around the time frame for farmers’ ACRES payments.
12 February 2024 News
AIB chequebook issue a ‘significant challenge’ for farmers – ICSA
AIB being unable to issue replacement chequebooks to their customers due to a supply shortage is deeply concerning, ICSA beef chair John Cleary has said.
9 February 2024 News
A fortnight to find changes for ICBF
Adam Woods reports on the outcome of last Thursday’s ICBF meeting held in Tullamore.
7 February 2024 Breeding & health
ICBF accused of using ‘dairy metrics’ on beef indexes
Traits including calving ease and calving interval are more important to dairy farmers than they are to part-time suckler farmers, the ICSA conference heard.
7 February 2024 News
Tightening EU regulations under fire at ICSA AGM
Farmers were heavily critical of EU Green Deal and the power of Brussels in Irish farming policy at the ICSA's annual conference last week.
7 February 2024 News
Rural MEPs should be handed lead on farming issues - Markey
Mercosur and climate policies are among the most pressing issues being raised by farmers right across the EU, the ICSA's conference heard on Thursday.
5 February 2024 News
Seán McNamara takes over as ICSA president
The association's new leader expressed frustration at a range of current farm schemes, which he said are not fit for purpose and called for higher factory prices for the coming year.
1 February 2024 News
All calves matter
The new CBV index will make it easier for beef farmers to differentiate the good calves from the bad calves.
24 January 2024 Dealer
When recommendations become obligations propped up by regulations
The reaction from the trenches illustrates the depth of farmer frustration with what they perceive as an overload of rules, regulations and bureaucracy.
24 January 2024 Dealer