Irish Farmers Association (IFA) pig farmer protests at Callan Bacon (Karro Food Group), Co Kilkenny, and Carrolls of Tullamore, Co Offaly, have been postponed, with talks to begin on Monday.

The pig farmers at Callan Bacon have been protesting at the site delivery entrance since 5.30am on Thursday and an equivalent protest at Carrolls of Tullamore, was also ongoing until Saturday.

IFA president Tim Cullinan and pigs chair Roy Gallie have been in ongoing dialogue with the management of both companies and have come to a resolution.

The IFA’s request to meet with the four main links in the food chain has been agreed.

“A high-level meeting will convene Monday evening with the managing director of Dunnes Stores, Anne Heffernan; William Decline, director agriculture and business development at Karro/Sofina; John Comerford, managing director of Carroll’s Cuisine; and the IFA,” the IFA said.

On Thursday, farmers vowed that they would not go home until pig meat prices increased. Another farmer said he would not go home because he “had nothing to go home to”.

Just last month, pig farmers protested for the same reason and left with a commitment from Carroll’s to go back to retailers and seek €2/kg by June, however this was not achieved.