Balmoral boosts summer positivity
Jack Kennedy
Any business that can’t grow volume and value is immediately on the back foot.
20 May 2024 Markets
Beef prices: pressure continues in trade
Adam Woods reports on this week’s beef trade, including news of another slip in quotes.
10 May 2024 News
Recall notice issued for raw milk made in Leitrim
The company is recalling all batches of its Lovely Leitrim Farm Fresh Raw Milk due to concerns with hygiene controls during production.
Stormont committee to consider FFA bill
Draft legislation proposed by the farm organisation would require processors to pay farmers a minimum price for their produce.
Egg farmers warned about danger of conflicting carbon counting methods
EU plans to ban imported feed grown on deforested lands will help retailers meet their carbon footprint targets, but will not help the farming sector meet its Government emissions target.
1 May 2024 Poultry
Supermarkets are not profiteering, MLAs told
Analysis by the Competitions and Markets Authority has found supermarkets have not used food price inflation to grow their profits.
17 April 2024 Northern Ireland
No competition in marketing of organic and conventional food - Bord Bia
Bord Bia’s organic sector manager Emmet Doyle said organic and conventional Irish food target two separate consumer needs.
6 April 2024 News
IFA calls on retailers to support growers
The Irish Farmers' Association is calling on retailers to put a 2024 weather supplementary payment on fruit and vegetables to support horticulturalists.
5 April 2024 News
Retailers should accommodate farmers due to poor weather - Kelleher
MEP Billy Kelleher has asked retailers and co-ops to be generous with prices and supportive of farmers as many struggle due to a difficult spring.
3 April 2024 News
Below cost selling by retailers is morally wrong - IFA
'To see what they worked so hard to produce being devalued on the shop shelf is morally wrong and will ultimately drive farmers out of business,' says IFA president Francie Gorman.
27 March 2024 News
Ór butter announces product expansion plans
With a 93% increase in sales in 2023, award-winning Ór-Real Irish Butter announces product expansion plans.
27 March 2024 News
Commission plans more fairness for farmers
The Commission announced its plans to beef up the fairness rules retailers and processors must follow when dealing with farmers.
20 March 2024 News