Northern Ireland
Caution required around rush to carbon audits
David Wright
While farmers should get involved in carbon benchmarking, it is also fair to continue to point out flaws in the system being used.
30 November 2022 Poultry
British turkeys ‘dropping like flies’ as bird flu ravages sector
The UK parliament heard a special inquiry into the impact avian influenza is having on its poultry sector on Tuesday.
28 November 2022 News
‘Farmers shouldn’t have to protest to get a fair price’
The Government's spend of €4m on a regulator must protect farmers and primary food producers, the IFA has said.
Fines of up to €10m for companies that engage in unfair trading practices
Some €4m has been allocated next year for the establishment of the regulator, as was announced in Budget 2023.
27 November 2022 News
Winter milk: is it for money or madness?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the liquid milk market and wonders if those producing milk over Christmas are getting adequately rewarded for it.
23 November 2022 Breeding & health
Potato growers need ‘fair share’ of retail price - IFA
The IFA has called for potato growers to receive a fair share of the retail price for their produce and warned of rising input costs and uncertainty.
22 November 2022 News
OSI head of sustainability beefing up the meat debate
Only with capability does one rise to become Operations Director and EU Head of Sustainability in OSI, one of the world’s largest privately owned meat companies. Amii McKeever meets Claire Donoghue
9 November 2022 Features
Beef price must ‘move on’ for ‘lucrative Christmas market’- IFA
The Irish Farmers Association has called for beef prices to increase to €5.85 to €6.00/kg to reflect the value in the market.
4 November 2022 News
Agri careers: The retail man, Malachy O Connor
Having worked as a buyer in the retail industry for over 25 years, consultant Malachy O'Connor is now supporting agri-food companies to survive the current climate, writes Sarah McIntosh.
2 November 2022 Careers
Winter finishing is ‘finished’ – ICSA
Winter beef finishers would be better off letting cattle thrive more slowly to finish them off grass next summer than feeding on to finish out of the shed this winter, says ICSA.
17 October 2022 News
Response to market report on Irish beef in Dutch market
"The Netherlands is Ireland’s third largest export market for beef" - Laura Crowley, market manager, Netherlands, Bord Bia.
12 October 2022 Letters
Protests at discounters over failure to return price increase to farmers
IFA poultry vice chair Brendan Soden said egg producers are strongly considering not restocking their farms if failure to provide a viable income continues
5 October 2022 Community