Staying ahead of the regulation curve in the Netherlands
Noel Bardon
Noel Bardon speaks a Dutch poultry farmer on pushing environmental and animal welfare standards up to maximise farm margins.
27 July 2022 Dealer
British short of chicken after heatwave
Soaring temperatures have put pressure on the just-in-time model for poultry meat.
25 July 2022 News
Grocery inflation hits highest level since 2008 at 7.7%
Grocery shoppers spent an additional €170,000 on chilled burgers and €656,000 on fresh sausages over the last four weeks, says Kantar.
IFA potato report: high temperatures hit consumption
Recent higher temperatures have hit consumption in recent weeks, but they have also hit crops in the field.
20 July 2022 Markets
Pigs next in line for contract legislation
A government review of the pig sector asks various questions about relationships within supply chains.
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Turf cutters to be allowed to sell turf to neighbours
Turf cutters can go ahead with business as as usual, however the way turf is advertised will be changing.
14 July 2022 News
Bord Bia to promote organic food in retailers
Organic beef, lamb, dairy, seafood, eggs and prepared consumer foods will be promoted under the plan.
13 July 2022 News
Consumers getting a good deal with beef
The price of some cuts of beef and pork at major retailers are virtually unchanged in the last two years.
6 July 2022 Northern Ireland
France tightens labelling rules for plant-based 'meats'
The French are among the first to introduce such legislation in the EU, although similar rules have been previously passed for describing plant-based milk alternatives.
6 July 2022 News
Lidl chicken sales ‘grossly irresponsible’ – IFA
Across the horticulture, poultry and pig sectors, retailers are using food as a loss leader, according to emails sent to TDs and MEPs by the IFA.
22 June 2022 Poultry
Era of cheap food ‘over’ – ICMSA
The ICMSA has suggested that corporate retailers have lost the ability to “dictate backwards” on food volumes and margins.
20 June 2022 News
Organic the ‘sleeping giant of premiumisation’ – Tesco
Tesco Ireland’s senior buying manager for meat said that 1% of the produce the retailer sells is currently organic but there is opportunity to expand.
15 June 2022 News