What will I write about, maybe my thoughts on the coronavirus?” “Dad, don’t. People want a break from it.” Well I’m afraid my dear children, that in these extraordinary times there’s little else to muse. I had to go to three newsagents locally last Saturday to find a copy of the Irish Independent for my Dad. I told him to keep it safe as it will be a collector’s item in years to come. That’s probably why it was so hard to get. Maybe people were buying it to show the grandchildren, the day Ireland was sent into lockdown.

And yet here I am probably annoying you by saying I went to three newsagents while we are meant to stay at home. Isn’t it amazing how guilty we are made feel by just going to the shops? Well to be clear I was also picking up groceries for my parents who are cocooned. Little did we think a few weeks ago that cocooning would be a word entering our daily lexicon. It’s now my daily obligation to run errands for my otherwise fit and healthy parents who are cocooned until God knows when.