Sheep shocks heighten industry anxiety
Jack Kennedy
We can now clearly see that the lamb price rise from 2020 is simply not enough to cover the farm inflation costs that have simply overtaken any market increase.
25 January 2023 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: Each scheme needs to pass a cost/benefit test
There are some cheap and expensive ways to attain whatever target is chosen and each scheme needs to pass a cost/benefit test.
25 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Nerves jangling at scanning time
Ewes and autumn-calving cows have been pregnancy scanned on the Egerton farm.
The farming year has started again
The dairy beef steers are coming fit, and the next two months should see the bulk of them finished at very little over twenty-four months.
25 January 2023 Viewpoints
Learnings from factory price leagues
More and more farmers finishing relatively small numbers of cattle seem to be getting on better around the mart ring than striking a deal with an agent.
25 January 2023 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: brutal clarity on ‘banding’
We already know that various soil types have varying capacity to impede the travel of organic nitrate through the soil to the ground water while retaining the nutrients to stimulate grass growth.
25 January 2023 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: Brexit - buyer's remorse
Public and political opinion has shifted and there is growing support for a normalisation of relations with Europe.
22 January 2023 Viewpoints
Stacking up funding for outside investors in forestry
Farmers have been excluded from considering forestry as an option by the poor performance of the Department.
18 January 2023 Viewpoints
No mortality in the cattle in 2022
Oilseed rape - I am optimistic that we will have a normal uniform crop.
18 January 2023 Viewpoints
Speak up or put up with new pesticide rules
It’s as if we are trying to manage farmers out of business – the cart before the horse.
18 January 2023 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: Russia moves from wheat deficit to wheat powerhouse
Russian agriculture - What Russia does in the wheat trade is of crucial significance.
18 January 2023 Viewpoints
Suckler compensation ruled out in Thomond showdown
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue ruled out an option to compensate suckler farmers to get out of or reduce suckler cow numbers.
11 January 2023 Viewpoints