Editorial: change needed if forestry potential is to be harnessed
Justin McCarthy
The forestry sector offers the potential to significantly increase income on Irish farms but we have been missing afforestation targets for years.
11 May 2022 Opinion
Colm McCarthy: accurate capital cost estimates key to successful development
One of the motors of economic development is efficient investment in infrastructure by the State.
11 May 2022 Editorial
Editorial: comforting words that don’t mean much
The commitment of Government to protecting the livelihood of farmers when developing a pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be measured against its policies and not words.
Home Farm: decisions to make on first cut silage
We are looking at vastly increased costs of producing the crops for the forthcoming harvest than was ever the case.
11 May 2022 Opinion
Dempsey at Large: legislating for national and corporate climate goals
Farmers have real scope to have on-farm practices that capture carbon – and not just in hedges.
11 May 2022 Opinion
Editorial: organics look like the only future for suckling
Looking beyond the current year, the Teagasc 2027 roadmap for suckling continues to question the economic benefits of operating at high stocking levels.
4 May 2022 Editorial
Editorial: EU cannot follow UK trade policy
The longer term reality is that the UK market will be progressively opening to Australia and New Zealand from later this year or early 2023.
4 May 2022 Editorial
Colm McCarthy - CSO's annual report on fossil fuel subsidies
Only diesel for road vehicles should face the user charge to cover the road costs, which it does.
4 May 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: Growth explosion expected
The beans are already showing the effects of the rain, with the field now a uniform green.
4 May 2022 Opinion
Dempsey at Large: scratching the scientific surface
The John Innes centre in Norwich, UK, is making progress in identifying specific mechanisms to allow crops such as wheat to fix its own nitrogen the way normal legume plants do.
4 May 2022 Opinion
Minister must come out of hiding on looming crisis
If the data from the Teagasc survey is reflective of decisions being taken across all suckler/beef and sheep farms, there is a real threat that we will see major market disruption in the months ahead.
27 April 2022 Editorial
Colm McCarthy: prioritising demands on gas supply
Any heavy industrial user of gas, but also of electricity, should be assessed on the basis of their backward linkages into the Irish economy through the purchase of inputs in Ireland.
27 April 2022 Opinion