Fermanagh farmer Shane McAuley was shocked to see one of his Suffolk-cross ewes give birth to a whopper of a lamb on Thursday night, weighing 10kg.

"The ewe lambed herself, I only had to give her a slight pull, I often had a harder lambing," McAuley told the Irish Farmers Journal.

He is a part-time drystock farmer and hoof-trimmer, keeping 40 ewes and 30 cows.

“We put all our ewes to a Suffolk ram. We are half-way through lambing and this is only the second ewe that I had to assist.

"The ewe herself is in good form. I will probably be letting her out to grass tomorrow.”

The lamb is almost double the weight of an average ewe lamb. The desired weight for a single-born lamb is generally anywhere from 6kg to 6.5kg.

The 10kg lamb on Shane McAuley's Fermanagh farm.

Shane's niece Caitlin pictured with the lamb.

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