Northern Ireland
Avoiding an abortion storm due to EAE
Christa McMordie from Lisnafillan farm vets outlines the main approaches to preventing an outbreak of EAE
31 July 2023 News
Father-son drystock duo puts focus on efficiency in Roscommon
William J and James Fitzmaurice hosted a Kepak farm walk on their beef and sheep operation outside Athleague, Co Roscommon, on Thursday.
28 June 2023
Tynan Abbey a perfect setting for NSA Sheep NI 2023
The 850-acre estate managed has experienced a decade of change while building stock numbers and reviving productivity.
Young Stock Podcast: chasing sucklers and Sam Maguire in Mayo
James Carr juggles suckler cows and sheep alongside working as a construction teacher and playing full forward for the Mayo senior football team.
19 June 2023 Podcast
Farmer Writes: no regrets having less work to do
Co Down farmer Derek Robinson dropped out his poultry operation at the end of 2022.
26 April 2023 Farmer Writes
Watch: dog off lead kills and injures lambs
A farmer in Scotland has videoed the immediate aftermath of a dog attack on his sheep, describing it as a "disgrace".
22 April 2023 News
Over 20 sheep stolen in Donegal
A Donegal farmer has had to deal with two sheep thefts since the start of the year with the latest incident involving a batch of ewes and lambs.
19 April 2023 News
Calls for fast action on dog control after 70 sheep killed in attack
Kerry IFA chair Kenneth Jones has called on Minister McConalogue to move faster in relation to dog control or attacks like this will continue to mar rural Ireland.
13 April 2023 News
Watch: lambing sheep best left to young farmers
John Egerton’s son William is now in full control of the sheep flock on the farm.
12 April 2023 Northern Ireland
Busy as a bee on Tykillen Farm
Tykillen Farm in Crossabeg, Co Wexford, is gearing up for a busy bee season.
12 April 2023 Footprint Farmers
Pitbull kills four sheep at Dublin’s Airfield Estate
Education farm Airfield Estate has seen a small dog attack its flock in recent weeks, leading to losses and lambing difficulties.
1 April 2023 News
Tullamore Farm update: lambing enters final stages as weather woes continue
The wet weather has hampered the turnout of more cattle, although short breaks are allowing for the turnout of ewes and lambs.
31 March 2023 Tullamore Farm