With a big number of cows forward, Elphin Mart's Monday sale did not disappoint, with farmers taking advantage of a positive cow trade in recent weeks.

Factory-fit cows came to the fore, seeing a strong average at €2.35/kg for most weights.

However, some of the top prices reached highs of €2.55/kg for some younger cows.

A standout price of €1,980 was given for an Aberdeen Angus cow weighing 875kg.

'Great demand'

“Factory-fit cows were clearly to the fore of the sale, with a great demand from agents for these cows,” mart manager Kevin Caslin told the Irish Farmers Journal.

Dry cows weighing 650kg averaged €2.20/kg, with the top cow in this weight bracket reaching €2.54/kg being a 2018-born cow with no calf registered.

Heavier cows weighing 700kg saw an average of €2.25/kg, with the top price in this weight bracket achieving €2.58/kg.

Cows weighing over 750kg saw a strong trade also, with these meeting a sale average of €2.21/kg.

Stores hold their own

“Store cows seemed to hold their own this week, with no big push on these cattle,” mart staff commented.

Heavier cows weighing 800kg saw a super trade, with all being swiped up by agents ringside and online, meeting a sale average of €2.15/kg, with the sale topper at €2.26/kg.

In pictures

This 2017-born Aberdeen Angus cow weighed 690kg and sold for €1,460 (€2.11/kg).

This 2011-born Belgian Blue cow weighed 910kg and sold for €1,860 (€2.04/kg).

This 2016-born Aberdeen Angus cow weighed 875kg and sold for €1,980 (€2.26/kg).

This 2017-born Charolais cow weighed 740kg and sold for €1,780 (€2.40/kg).

This 2009-born Charolais cow weighed 725kg and sold for €1,530 (€2.11/kg).

This 2016-born Belgian Blue cow weighed 720kg and sold for €1,830 (€2.54/kg).