Camera at the Mart attended the weekly cattle sale in Clogher Mart, Co Tyrone, on Saturday last, where 1,245 animals went under the hammer.

Unlike marts in the Republic of Ireland, a limited number of pre-registered buyers are still permitted entry ringside during sales, with additional buyers purchasing stock via online bidding.

This April 2019-born Limousin heifer, weighing 560kg, sold for £1,330 (€1,546). \ Houston Green

Across all sale rings, there was a sharp trade for all classes of stock, with prices marginally strengthening on better-quality lots.

Commenting on the sale, mart manager Harrison Boyd said: “Buyers have been extremely active in recent weeks for heavy bullocks to finish, as well as buying lighter stores to graze.”

This January 2019-born Charolais heifer, weighing 530kg, sold for £1,150 (€1,337). \ Houston Green

Store bullocks

In the store bullock ring, heavy fleshed lots sold to a top of £1,890 (€2,198) for an 840kg Limousin animal, with £1,880 (€1,023) paid for a similar animal weighing 845kg.

Other standout prices saw £1,820 (€2,116) paid for a 780kg Limousin, with Charolais lots selling to £1,720 (€2,000) for a 765kg lot.

This February 2019-born Charolais heifer, weighing 515kg, sold for £1,150 (€1,337). \ Houston Green

Simmental bullocks sold to £1,770 (€2,058) for an 890kg lot, with Angus peaking at £1,550 (€1,802) for a 640kg lot.

Price per kilo generally ranged from 215p/kg to 235p/kg (€2.50 to €2.73/kg) for animals with U grading conformation, with 10p to 20p/kg less paid for plainer types.

This June 2020-born Limousin bullock, weighing 405kg, sold for £970 (€1,127). \ Houston Green

Mid-weight bullocks were a solid trade, selling from 235p to 252p/kg (€2.73 to €2.93/kg), with standout prices of £1,210 (€1,407) for a 480kg Charolais.

Prices of £1,150 to £1,190 (€1,337 to €1,384) were on offer for similar types weighing 450kg to 500kg. Light stores under 400kg sold from £820 to £900 (€953 to €1,046) for continental types around 350kg to 380kg.

This April 2020-born Limousin bullock, weighing 310kg, sold for £810 (€942). \ Houston Green


A smaller entry of forward heifers sold to £1,470 (€1,709) for a 640kg Charolais, with similar lots over 600kg making from £1,340 to £1,430 (€1,558 to €1,662).

Medium weight heifers sold from £1,090 to £1,180 (€1,267 to €1,372) for lots around the 440kg to 480kg weight bracket.

This July 2018-born Limousin bullock, weighing 840kg, sold for £1,890 (€2,197). \ Houston Green


Fat cows sold to £1,731 (€2,012) for a 780kg Limousin, with other leading prices of 175p to 214p/kg (€2.03 to €2.48/kg) for heavy fleshed lots.

Feeding cows made 140p to 170p/kg (€1.62 to €1.98/kg), while fleshed Friesian cows made 122p to 135p/kg (€1.41 to €1.56/kg).

This July 2018-born Limousin bullock, weighing 780kg, sold for £1,820 (€2,116). \ Houston Green

Other lots

This November 2018-born Charolais bullock, weighing 670kg, sold for £1,520 (€1,767). \ Houston Green

This April 2019-born Limousin bullock, weighing 430kg, sold for £990 (€1,151).

\ Houston Green

This June 2019-born Hereford bullock, weighing 550kg, sold for £1,260 (€1,465).\ Houston Green

\ Houston Green

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