Similar to trends across the country, heavy factory-fit cattle and short-keep stores continue to sell well in Ballinrobe Mart, with lighter, dairy beef cattle proving a harder sell.

Looking at the Martbids analysis, Ballinrobe’s general cattle sale on 3 August achieved a 98% clearance rate across the board.

There was a good mixture of suckler-bred continental-type bullocks and heifers, with some lighter dairy origin stock as well.

Farmers were active for lighter stock having offloaded finished cattle recently, with factory agents competing to secure heavy cattle on the day.


In the steer section, lots weighing 600kg-plus averaged €2.86/kg, with the top third achieving €3.03/kg.

Steers from 500kg to 600kg averaged €2.27/kg, while those in the 400kg to 500kg bracket averaged €2.44/kg with lighter stock from 350kg to 400kg averaging €2.19/kg.

The top price among steers was an April 2021-born Charolais-cross bullock weighing 815kg selling for €2,180 (€2.67/kg).

Quality continental-type heifers remain in demand among buyers, with the majority of heifers falling into the 400kg to 500kg weight bracket, with heavy, factory-fit heifers in short supply.

Heifers from 350kg to 400kg averaged €2.39/kg, heifers from 400kg to 500kg sold to an average of €2.43/kg, while those weighing between 500kg and 600kg averaged €2.44/kg.

The top price in the heifer ring went to a quality Limousin-cross born in January 2020 that weighed 650kg and went on to sell for €2,150 (€3.33/kg).

In pictures

This Charolais-cross bullock, born May 2021 and weighing 400kg, sold for €1,190 (€2.97).

This pair of Charolais-cross bullocks, born March 2020 and weighing 648kg on average, sold for €1,950 (€3.00/kg) each.

This Limousin-cross bullock, born May 2021 and weighing 425kg, sold for €1,160 (€2.72/kg).

This Limousin-cross heifer, born January 2020 and weighing 650kg, sold for €2,150 (€3.30/kg).

These three Charolais heifers born in March 2021 and weighing 478kg on average sold for €1,300 (€2.71/kg) each.

This Limousin-cross heifer, born May 2021 and weighing 385kg, sold for €1,000 (€2.59/kg).

These three Angus-cross heifers, born March 2021 and weighing 408kg on average, sold for €1,050 (€2.57/kg) each.