ICMSA challenges President Higgins’ comments on Irish farming
Anne O'Donoghue
ICMSA president Denis Drennan said he wants to correct a number of misunderstandings in an interview given by President Higgins.
27 May 2024 News
CAP must be more flexible in responding to extreme weather - Minister
The current CAP does not respond quick enough to extreme weather events, Minister McConalogue told his EU counterparts.
27 May 2024 News
ICMSA joins EU farmer protest in Brussels
Denis Drennan of the ICMSA has said that the same pressures of stress experienced by Irish farmers are also being felt by farmers in France, Germany, Denmark and Italy.
Farmers won’t decide UK election
Farmers don't have the same lobbying force in the UK as they do in Ireland and, therefore, agriculture won't be a major issue in upcoming election.
26 May 2024 News
INHFA questions intent of Nature Restoration Law opinion poll
Opinion poll conducted in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy and Hungary was designed to put pressure on those countries' governments, INHFA president Vincent Roddy said.
24 May 2024 News
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
22 May 2024 Northern Ireland
Irish beef sales to China bounce back
Exports to the giant Asian market are still dwarfed by sales to Britain and the EU.
22 May 2024 News
EU buyers keep solid floor on calf prices
A later than usual turnout of calves, combined with strong demand from continental buyers, has resulted in the number of calves being shipped being higher than usual for the time of year.
22 May 2024 News
Ireland's neutrality is financially savvy
Neutrality is seen as an expression of sovereignty and echoes the success of the 1939 decision to keep out of World War II.
22 May 2024 Viewpoints
ICMSA to take part in protest in Brussels next week
The EU and member states finally act on the historic threat to farmer incomes and the ability of the EU to feed itself going forward, ICMSA president Denis Drennan said.
22 May 2024 News
56% of agricultural employers inspected by WRC in breach of employment law
In total, the WRC recovered €35,584 in unpaid wages last year in the agricultural sector.
20 May 2024 News
EU climate policy marches on
While EU climate policy is marching on, it seems that the EU’s policy plans to shift to sustainable agriculture are stuck. Claire Dupont reports.