Positive mood music doesn’t solve Brexit problem
Phelim O'Neill
EU response to UK legislation on NI Protocol was an inevitable political response, but negotiations will continue.
30 November 2022 News
UK seeks EU derogation for seed potatoes
Since the UK left the EU in 2020, potato seed from Britain has been banned from entering in the EU.
30 November 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: futures flat - physicals lack a driver
Slow demand is adding to downward price pressure, as more sellers come to a weakening market.
Anaerobic digestion industry calls for Government support scheme
Over half of the attendees at the Gas Networks Ireland conference are currently involved with developing an AD plant
29 November 2022 EU
Over one million EU citizens sign petition seeking spray ban by 2035
‘Save Bees and Farmers’ is seeking to ban the use of all pesticides in the EU by 2035.
28 November 2022 News
UK wrestles with future EU relationship
Relative political stability and recession in the UK is triggering a look at Brexit but every solution brings its own problems.
23 November 2022 News
CAP cash can’t fund rewetting plans – Minister
Minister McConalogue has said that CAP funding cannot be used to pay for rewetting and other biodiversity measures that the European Commission is seeking to impose through a nature restoration law.
23 November 2022 Climate and environment
No sign of State bulk buying fertiliser
The EU has said that the State can step in and bulk buy fertiliser to resell cheaper to farmers to help them cope with high costs.
23 November 2022 News
McConalogue seeks clarity on ‘issues’ with EU rewetting plans
Minister McConalogue cited concerns relating to proposed farmland rewetting targets that the Commission is seeking to impose across the EU.
22 November 2022 News
McConalogue ‘open’ to mobilising crisis reserve in 2023
The Commissioner has suggested that the crisis reserve could be mobilised to help farmers cope with high fertiliser prices in 2023.
21 November 2022 News
All options must be considered to overcome fertiliser crisis - Minister
A meeting of EU agriculture ministers will see the fertiliser crisis and the European Commission’s proposals to rewet farmed peatlands topping the agenda.
21 November 2022 News
EU proposes fertiliser market transparency amid surging profits
As farmers grapple with record fertiliser prices, producers’ profits soar. The EU’s plan to bring transparency to the market is a critical and much underrated proposal.
16 November 2022 News