In pictures: high clearance and prices for heavy stock in Ballinrobe
Adam Woods
Martin Merrick reports from Ballinrobe Mart, Co Mayo, where heavy cattle were a real solid trade.
3 August 2022 News
Drop in EU agri-food trade in April
April is an outlier for EU agri-food trade as year to date values for both exports and imports increase.
3 August 2022 News
US building beef sales in the EU
US beef sales to the EU remain low and fill just over half the quota available.
Grain Trends: another week of volatile prices
Markets saw mainly upward movement for the past week, but issues such as weather, demand and recession continue to simmer in the background.
3 August 2022 Markets
Fairness in the food supply chain remains central to the CAP
The CAP has and will continue to serve the people of Europe in an evolving way to help meet the changing needs of society, writes European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.
3 August 2022 Opinion
Reflections on our journey into the EU
Matt Dempsey reflects on Ireland's and farming's journey through membership of the EEC and EU.
3 August 2022 Opinion
Sinn Féin demands publication of updated CAP plan
Matt Carthy TD wants the updated CAP strategic plan published immediately by Minister McConalogue.
2 August 2022 News
A more balanced CAP needed for the future
Since our entry to the EEC in 1973, domestic agricultural policy has been almost entirely dominated by the CAP and the instruments available to achieve its objectives, writes Gerry Boyle.
2 August 2022 Opinion
Birth of the EU and evolution of CAP
Desire to avoid wars in Europe was a key political driver in creation of a common market and food scarcity was the background to developing a common agriculture policy
2 August 2022 EU
An Irish view from within the Commission
Following a lifetime of working in the European Commission, former secretary general of the Commission, Dr Catherine Day, shares her memories on the EU, past and future, with Phelim O’Neill.
1 August 2022 EU
CAP, Brexit and the future
Having lived with the implications of the CAP all his life, John Bruton gives a view on its possible future challenges.
1 August 2022 EU
Northern Ireland: the route out of the CAP
Leaving the EU has given Northern Ireland a chance to shape its future support for agriculture but EU rules will continue to influence production.
31 July 2022 EU