Trade was brisk once again this week in Elphin, although maybe slightly back on the highs of last week’s sale.

Lambs weighing 45kg to 50kg traded for between €2.80/kg and €2.90/kg for the most part.

For fancy ewe lambs with breeding potential, there was even more on offer, with as much as €3/kg paid on occasion and a top price of €152 paid for a pen of shapely ewe lambs.


Well-fleshed ewes were making from €105 to €115 for the most part, with heavier and more shapely ewes making over the €120/head mark on more than one occasion.

In pictures

This pen of six lambs weighing 52kg sold for €146.

This pen of 10 lambs weighed 49kg and sold for €140.

This pen of 12 lambs weighing 51kg sold for €140.

This pen of eight ewes sold for €108.

This pen of eight ewes made €104.

This pen of five ewes sold for €117.

These three fleshed ewes made €126.

This ewe and two strong lambs made €310.