The week of 10 May 2021 marked the beginning of the Incredible Edibles Healthy Eating Week. This year is the FAO International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, so Ms Kehoe’s first class have been busy learning all about them.

“We participated in the programmes Keep Well campaign earlier this term and learned that we should eat between five and seven portions of fruit and vegetables every day. We also learned that half of our plate should be covered with vegetables or salad for our meals.

“We had lots of fun playing the Incredible Edibles fruit and vegetables supermarket bingo, which uses food from the different food groups on the food pyramid. We also watched a presentation on the food pyramid and drew out our own one for what we ate during lockdown. It was also fun to test our knowledge doing the quizzes on the website!”

A pupil added to this by saying “the bad stuff is on the top where you can’t reach, and the healthy stuff is at the bottom.”

Another boy in the class pointed out “but they are the TASTY ones!” of course referring to the treat shelf at the top! Ms Kehoe tells us.

“Our challenge therefore, was to find ways of getting more fruit and vegetables into our meals and snacks each day, and to try to make them more appealing.”

These are the suggestion from first class to do just that:

  • Add fruit to breakfast.
  • Try a healthy fruit or veg snack like raw carrots, cucumber sticks, smoothie or fruit salad.
  • Add in extra vegetables to stews, sauces, soups, stir-fries, casseroles and omelettes.
  • Encourage each other to keep trying new fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to eat fresh, local produce that is in season if possible.
  • Eat a variety of colours (all the colours of the rainbow) to benefit from the variety of different vitamins and minerals provided by each colour.
  • “We are currently tracking our weekly fruit and vegetable intake, using our Incredible Edibles Healthy Eating Diary and can’t wait to taste our own potatoes, chives, spinach, lettuce, carrots, turnips and strawberries that are growing in our school garden, thanks to the Incredible Edibles programme.”

    Well done first class in St Anne’s.