'One foot in the radio studio and one foot in the farm!'
Amii McKeever
Noel Murphy picks up stories or his Agritime radio show as he travels around the world recording documentaries. He spoke with Amii McKeever for our agri journalists series.
29 March 2023 Fashion
Price-led, not the cheapest but true to size, it’s iClothing
In operation 12 years, iClothing is the largest Irish-owned online retailer. Amii McKeever met with Barbara Stack from Marketing Public Relations, to learn more about what the retailer has to offer.
22 March 2023 Features
‘I've got this great idea for a farming programme’
Despite her parents doing their damndest to put her off journalism, Nicola Weir was not for turning. Her latest endeavour BBC radio show Farming Matters is not short of topics.
The protracted nature of grief
Although people are resilient, being faced with reminders of a loved one gone from our lives can bring that same pain back as strong as the day it was first felt.
22 March 2023 Amii
Webinar: how horse owners can claim new equine grant aid through TAMS
With many equine farmers having never applied for grant aid under a Department of Agriculture scheme before, they are keen to avoid the pitfalls of the application. process
22 March 2023 News
Editorial: Mother’s Day reminders of the missing footprints in the snow
Referendum to remove ‘the grossest form of sexual stereotyping’ from the constitution correcting a wrong from a time long passed but much work still to be done to do it right.
15 March 2023 Amii
A blind Donegal woman’s journey to Everest base camp
Being blind proved to be no obstacle for Donegal woman Jennifer Doherty when it came to conquering Everest base camp.
8 March 2023 Features
Editorial: lowering your stress gauge in the garden
For farmers, how much value is there in the mental health advice to get out in nature, when farming by its nature is particularly stressful in the spring?
8 March 2023 Amii
Research on female leadership shows that two are becoming one
Political research shows that smooth succession can increase performance, legitimacy and stability. Are the Social Democrats the responsible political adults? Asks Amii McKeever
1 March 2023 Amii
It pays to be native when the pine marten is about
Ireland has two species of squirrel, one that is native and another that was introduced by humans. Another native animal is impacting on the populations of both, writes Niamh Kelly.
22 February 2023 Forestry
Ancient Irish Yew trees born in Fermanagh
Used more as a deterrent to animals due to their poisonous nature, yew trees are nonetheless an important sources of food for many bird species. Niamh Kelly reports.
22 February 2023 Forestry
Easily forgotten but Ireland was the Italy of the Five Nations
Opener for ten – why was last year’s Six Nations Championship different to every other one since 2015? Denis Hurley talks rugby for IFJ Junior.
22 February 2023 Feature