Money can’t buy love; but it can build a bigger house
Amii McKeever
Active holidays are all well and good, but you need great food to keep your energy levels high. Amii McKeever travelled to Kerry to sample a bit of both.
19 July 2023 Features
Talented Tipperary
North Tipperary has lots to offer families from good food and heritage to local businesses trying to support each other. Amii McKeever travelled up to experience it.
7 June 2023 Farmer Writes
Rearing pet calves to sell them in the southeast
Physical work and the lifestyle is what attracts Watty Wall in Co Wexford to farming. He spoke to IFJ Junior about their spring calving herd.
Junior Farmer Writes: Living in the country and farming at the weekend
Ollie Purcell in Kilkenny tells IFJ Junior about counting the heifers for his neighbour every morning to make sure none of them are missing.
7 June 2023 Farmer Writes
Women in Action: flex well at Flexelle
After two decades teaching dance, Eleanor Brannigan didn’t foresee a career change until an injury introduced her to reformer pilates.
7 June 2023 Features
Junior Farmer Writes: Stabilisers - the future of Irish suckler farming
The next chapter in the Rohan farm near Clonmacnoise, Co Offally is to build up a stabiliser there.
7 June 2023 Farmer Writes
Unsure of work placement – pick something in agri
Three jobs in 30 weeks have helped transition year student Grace Keane to learn a lot about working in the agricultural industry.
7 June 2023 Farmer Writes
Why do we reseed grass fields?
Farmers have been reseeding of late, but surely 'grass is grass', so why go to all the trouble and the expense? Professor of farming, Tommy Boland explains.
7 June 2023 Soil
Legal query: ‘tenant no longer able to pay top rent?’
Agri solicitor Aisling Meehan responds to a reader query whose land rental tenant is reneging on the agreed rental price.
31 May 2023 Features
Editorial: the last one - tá bród agus brón orm
At the end of her time as editor of Irish Country Living, Amii McKeever reflects on being supported to swim at the beginning – both personally and professionally.
31 May 2023 Features
Archeology and agriculture at Rathcroghan
A visit to the burial site of Queen Medb - and much more - at Rathcroghan illustrates attempts for Irish archaeology and farming to thrive together.
24 May 2023 Features
Editorial: Policy vying for a better world without a sting in the tail
In fairy tales, a happy ending is expected but a positive outcome is often not the case in the real world. Beware the law of unintended consequences writes Amii McKeever
24 May 2023 Amii