First officially presented at Agritechnica in 2019, Ireland’s first commercially available methane powered tractor has arrived onshore.

Co. Armagh New Holland dealer, Burkes of Cornascriebe showcased The New hOlland T6.180 Methane Power at the recent Balmoral show. The unit in question is believed to have been brought into the country to carry out a number of on farm demonstrations.

Dubbed with the first Sustainable Tractor of the Year award, the T6 Methane Power is essentially the same as its diesel counterpart aside from being fitted with a natural gas engine.

There are 10 gas storage tanks around its chassis with an add on linkage mounted tank replacing the traditional diesel tank. Once combined with the linkage mounted tank, capacity is 453l which equates to 79kg of gas. Run time at haulage and PTO work is said to be in the region of eight hours. When compared with the diesel version, running costs are said to be up to 30% less.

Under the bonnet is a 6.7l NEF six-cylinder engine producing a max 180hp and 740Nm of torque. Transmission options and all other specifications remain the same as the standard diesel version.

According to New Holland, the Methane Power engine produces 80% lower overall emissions over its diesel burning counterpart, 98% less particulate matter and 11% less CO2.

Currently, the T6.180 is the only Methane Power model available and is priced in the region of €120,000 plus VAT which trends roughly €20,000 Plus VAT more than diesel version.